5 Reasons For Droopy Bears Paw Succulent Leaves

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bears paw succulent

Bears paw is one of the easy-to-grow succulents. They are very compact and resemble the paws of a bear. The scientific name of the plant is Cotyledon Tomentosa. 

Many people face the problem while growing the plant that their Bears paw has droopy leaves. Let’s quickly get to know: Why do Bears paw succulent leaves get droopy?

Bears paw succulent leaves get droopy mainly when the plant is dehydrated. Succulents store water in their leaves and when they lack water, leaves get droopy and dry. The other reason could be a nutrient deficiency, poor soil, or fungal infections. 

I have a Bears paw succulent and I face this problem very frequently. Although, when I notice that my plant is droopy, I immediately hydrate the plant and check for the other possible problems. 

Most of the time the problem is under watering, so I increase my watering frequency and the plants get back to normal.

In this article let’s get to know all the possible reasons why your Bears paw might be droopy. 

5 Reasons for Droopy Bears paw 

Bears paw is the easiest succulents to grow. But they still have a few requirements that need to be taken care of. Here are the top 5 reasons for droopy succulent leaves. 

1. Dehydration

Dehydration is the most common reason for droopy Bears paw. These plants can go without water for days, but they do need moisture to thrive. 

When the soil is completely dry, the succulents start to droop and show signs of dryness and dehydration. As soon as you notice the droopy leaves it’s time to act and hydrate the plant. 

For that, you need to increase your watering frequency for a few days. When the succulent is droopy it’s best to water them after every two days. 

I personally, avoid the soak and dry method in this situation because it is essential that soil does not get dry. But you must also take care of the fact that you won’t end up overwatering the plant, as that can lead to other problems.  

2. Poor Soil

The second reason for droopy succulents can be poor soil. As you might know, succulents need good quality fast-draining soil for their healthy growth. 

But when the plant is being potted in poor soil, this type of soil does not flush away the water from the soil. The water is stored in the soil for a long duration and it starts to damage the roots of the plant. 

Contrary to this, fast-draining soil flushes away all the excess water from the soil and retains moisture. This type of soil is also nutrient-rich and healthy for succulent growth. 

So next time when you notice the droopy leaves and watering isn’t the issue consider changing the soil. 

3. Nutrient Deficiency 

Like every other living being, plants also need nutrients for their healthy growth. When the succulents lack the essential nutrients they get stressed and droopy. 

They appear pale and leaves get dry and curl downwards. To avoid this you must consider giving them those essential nutrients in the form of fertilizers. 

Although succulents get most of the nutrients from the soil, they do need that extra source of nutrients. So you must fertilize them once a month at least to help them grow healthy and beautiful. 

Also, while fertilizing succulents you must consider organic fertilizers. As the chemical ones tend to damage the plants. You can buy good quality fertilizers from amazon.

4. Fungal Infections

Fungal infection is the worst thing to happen to a succulent. When the plant is being infected by it, that stresses them and causes droopy leaves. 

When you notice the droopy leaves on your Bears paw, then consider checking for the infection on the stems or anywhere on the leaves. 

Also do not forget to check for the blind spots like at the joining of the leaf and the stem. Those are the areas where mostly we forget to check. 

Once you spot the infection then make sure to apply the fungicides to the infected area. If you wish to know more about fungal infections make sure to visit:

Fungicide Safe For Succulents | DIY Organic Fungicide !! 

5. Lack Of Light 

The last reason for the droopy Bears paw succulent could be the lack of light. When the Bears paw does not get enough light they start stressing, which causes the unhealthy fast growth of the plant. 

When such growth occurs in a plant, the stem is too weak to tolerate the weight of the leaves. Therefore, the succulent tends to have a droopy and elongated structure. 

To avoid this make sure to keep your Bears paw in bright light. Bears paw needs indirect sunlight for a few hours daily to grow healthy. 

I usually prefer keeping my succulents under the cloth shed or, near the windows, where they can get partial sunlight throughout the day. This way they stay healthy and ventilated.

How To Care For Bears Paw To Avoid Droopy Leaves?

droopy bears paw

Bears paw is cute little succulents that are easy to grow. Even though they are easy to grow we struggle to grow them healthy. 

We often forget to take care of the basic stuff. Here are a few things you should take care of to avoid droopy leaves.


Bears Paw like every other succulent is a desert plant, they do great with less water. You must have a good watering schedule to keep them healthy. 

For that, you can water them once a week or you can follow the soak and dry method. When you follow the soak and dry method you should water the plant only when the soil is completely dry.


Bears paw succulents like being exposed to bright light. They want at least 5-6 hours of light on a daily basis. 

For that, you must keep the plant at a place where it can get a good amount of light throughout the day. This will avoid any kind of stress and will help them grow healthy. 

Soil And Pots 

As mentioned earlier in this article, having good quality fast-draining soil is very essential for the succulent’s healthy growth. 

With fast-draining soil, you must have pots that have drainage holes underneath. This type of arrangement is perfect for the healthy growth of a succulent. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, Bears paw succulents usually get droopy due to dehydration. To avoid this you must consider increasing the watering frequency for them. 

If the problem persists even after hydrating the plant, look for the above-mentioned reasons and revive the droopy Bears Paw.

I hope you found this information helpful. Do share this information with others.

Happy Planting!!

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