Are Succulents Easy to take care of?

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are succulents easy to care for

When I was a complete beginner and planned to have indoor plants the first thought that crossed my mind was which plants would be easy to grow and care for? Many of us are busy working throughout the day and often we forget to take care of our plants. So I was looking for plants that would need very little care and yet will thrive healthily. So that’s when I gathered everything about succulents and got to know Are succulents easy to take care of?

Succulents are very easy to take care of they just need to be watered weekly, and 1-2 hours of sunlight daily, and a pot with a drainage hole. That’s how easy they are to grow at home.

Succulents are desert plants and they are tiny and beautiful plants that look very attractive indoors. They have very interesting shapes and come in various varieties. Succulents have a unique ability to retain water in their leaves and stems that’s what differentiates them from all other plants. And being able to retain water is one of the reasons that they are very easy to care for and asks for very little attention.  

Now that you know that these tiny plants are very easy to grow let’s get to know more about the easiest succulents and caring process in detail. 

What are the easiest succulents to take care of?

Now that you know succulents are easy to take care of you might be wondering what are the easiest succulents to grow and can be taken care of? Here is the list of all the succulents that are very easy to take care of.

  1. Zebra Haworthia
  2. Aloe vera 
  3. Snake Plant
  4. Jade Plant
  5. Panda Plant (Kalaonchae)
  6. Hens And Chicks
  7. Burro’s Tail
  8. Schlumbergera x buckleyi
  9. Euphorbia trigona
  10. Lithops 

These are the easiest succulents to take care of, if you are a beginner then always start with the aloe plant or Zebra plant they are the most simple and easy to grow succulents.

Personally, I feel all the succulents are easy to take care of they do not need a lot of your time and energy. Just water them when they need it and give them sun that’s what makes them happy

How to care for succulents?

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to take care of as they do not need much of your time. But the thing is that they need a little care and attention from your side once in a while. They are the type of plants that are conditioned to thrive in harsh climates and due to their ability to store water, they do not like much water. Here are a few things you should do to care for your succulents.

1. Giving them just enough water

Watering is one of the trickiest steps while growing and taking care of succulents. You can make the mistake of overwatering or underwatering the succulents. Here it is important to remember that these are desert plants and do great with less water that does not mean they do not need water at all. Therefore having a proper watering schedule is important, so how do you know when a succulent needs water?

Watering the succulents once a week will be more than sufficient but if you want you can follow another way that is the soak and dry method. What you can do in this method is simply place a finger in the soil and check the dampness. If the soil is damp do not water until the soil is completely dry. Repeat this process regularly to keep your watering schedule intact. 

2. Giving them direct sunlight

As these are desert plants they love and need sun daily for their healthy growth. It is very essential to give them a good amount of sunlight daily. If you have your succulents indoors then place them at a place where they can get direct sunlight for at least 2 hours every day.

Another way is to simply place them near the window and leave them there for rest of the day. They do great in the partial source of sunlight too, this is what I do with my succulents. 

3. Having well-drained soil

Succulents need well-drained soil to thrive as the soil is an essential ingredient in a plant’s healthy growth. It is important to have a good quality well-drained soil in which the succulents are potted. Having fast-draining soil will help the water to drain faster and will avoid root rot. 

If you do not have well-draining soil then that dampens the soil and will lead to the formation of moisture inside the soil. And succulents hate moisture that is an invitation to fungal infections and root rots.

4. Pots with drainage holes  

It is very important to have drainage holes at the bottom of the pot to ensure that the excess water gets flushed away. That helps to avoid overwatering of the succulents and also will help the soil to dry way faster.

As I said earlier succulents do not like water sitting around them or inside the soil. That kind of surroundings create problems for the succulents and gives an invitation to fungus. Therefore having pots that have drainage holes underneath is very helpful in growing healthy succulents.

5. Fertilizing the succulents

This is the last and important thing to keep on your caring list. Fertilizers are one of the important ingredients in plant growth. Fertilizers provide all the essential nutrients that soil is unable to provide to the succulents. Therefore, it is important to fertilize succulents once a month that is the proper time period for succulents to get all the nourishment. 

If you need to know more about fertilizing the succulent then check this article.

How and When to Fertilize Succulents? 

These were the few things to take care of when growing succulents. It is just about you should provide them what they need frequently and rest they will do it by themselves. 

Are Succulents low maintenance?

Yes, succulents are very low maintenance plants they do not need a lot of your time and attention to grow healthily. Succulents have the ability to survive in harsh climates and have the ability to retain water that’s what makes them very low maintenance.

They just need little water and sunlight that’s it!! These are so easy to grow plants that they just can fit anywhere in your house and they are so tiny that you can carry them with you.

Final thoughts on are succulents easy to take care of?

Succulents are very easy to grow plants and do not need much care. It is important to give the plant what they need when they need it. That’s all they ask for, but often we become careless and take the succulents for granted by considering they are low-maintenance plants. 

It is important to maintain your watering schedule correctly also do not forget to give them sunlight. Succulents love the sun and if they don’t get enough sun they start to stretch and grow leggy and that is another concern as a grower. 

Finally, yes they are very easy and colorful plants and make us feel good when they are around us. I hope you found this article useful, if you have any queries make sure to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Planting!!

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