Are Succulents Good For Bathrooms? | Will They survive??

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Are Succulents Good For Bathrooms

Succulents are great house plants they need very little care and attention and give a very aesthetic look to the interior. These are low maintenance plants, people love to have them indoors and many people often ask me Can we keep succulents in bathrooms? This was a very weird question and then started digging more about it and spoke to many expert gardeners and I got very interesting answers.

Before getting into the details quickly I will answer: Are succulents good for bathrooms? 

Succulents are good for bathrooms and can survive in them. Bathroom humidity is best suitable for mainly Aloe and Echeveria succulents therefore it is best to keep these two varieties of succulents in bathrooms.

It is very important to understand the needs and requirements of the succulents, not all succulents can thrive in bathrooms. Humidity is generally more in bathrooms and it plays a vital role for succulents to thrive.

You must be wondering what humidity is? Well, it is the amount of water in the form of vapor in the atmosphere. Usually, bathrooms are more humid due to most common reasons such as we use hot water to take showers, bathrooms are usually small and closed compared to living rooms hence it has very little free-flowing air. 

Will succulents survive in a bathroom?

Succulents can thrive in humid weather but you have to be careful about it. Succulents must not be kept in excess humid conditions as that can cause harm to the plants. If you are keeping them in bathrooms make sure that you decrease the humidity and give them enough time to absorb the moisture. 

Succulents retain water in their leaves, due to this they are able to go days without water, and leaves absorb the humidity from the surroundings that help succulents to survive in bathrooms. 

The survival of succulents in bathrooms totally depends on the leaves of the succulents. By that what I mean is the thicker the leaves of the succulents more they are capable of surviving in bathrooms. Therefore not all succulents can survive in the bathrooms.

To decrease humidity in bathrooms you can turn on the exhaust fan so that it can circulate the fresh air. Another thing you can do is keep the wet towels inside the bathrooms so that they can absorb the excess moisture in the air and will help succulents. By doing this you can increase the survival of the succulents in bathrooms.  

What are the best succulents to have in a bathroom?

Are Succulents Good For Bathrooms

As you know that the succulents with fleshy leaves stand a chance of surviving in the bathrooms. Not all succulents can survive indoors and specifically in the bathrooms many succulents need direct sun for their growth and others need to be kept away from the humid climate. 

So in such a situation, it is important to understand what type of succulents are capable of thriving in bathrooms and have thicker leaves. Well as I have mentioned earlier in this article two types of succulents that are best suited for bathrooms are: 

  1. Aloe Vera 
  2. Echeveria

These two succulents are good to have in your bathrooms as these will not need much care. The only thing they will ask from you is a little time and attention regularly. They are best suited for bathrooms because of the warm climate inside. 

Benefits of having succulents in bathrooms:

As we know there are numerous health benefits of aloe plants, having one in the bathroom is an added advantage. 

  1. Aloe vera and Echeveria succulents purify the air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and chemical gases around us and produce more oxygen. 
  1. They also absorb the toxins from the air and help us breathe fresh air. 
  1. Toxins are produced by the chemical cleaners that we use to clean our bathrooms. They have numerous chemicals and once we are done cleaning they leave a lot of residue in the air, these plants absorb those toxins and produce fresh air.
  1. Another benefit of having these plants in bathrooms is that they look very pretty and make us feel positive and good. These succulents are so small that they can be kept anywhere in bathrooms. 

Taking care of bathroom succulents

Succulents are usually very low maintenance plants and they do not need a lot of care it is just that you take care of them frequently. If you can do this then you are good to grow them anywhere. There a few things to consider when they are kept in bathrooms.

Decrease the humidity

As I have mentioned earlier in this article that excess humidity can damage the succulent. Therefore it is important to keep track of the bathroom conditions by turning on the exhaust fan, keeping the wet towels, and by decreasing the shower temperature. These small steps will help you to reduce humidity. 

Keep them dry

It is important that you do not spill the water on the leaves of the succulents that can harm the plants and will cause rotting. There are high chances that the plant can get wet as they are in bathrooms. It is better to keep them away from water and take care of not making the leaves wet. 


Watering is the most important factor in any plant’s healthy growth. Succulents are desert plants and they usually do great with less water as they can retain the water in their leaves they can go days without water. As are talking about the succulents in the bathroom then there are high chances that you may overwater the plant.

Water the succulents only when the soil is completely dry that is a great way of knowing the requirement of water. Also, pot them in a pot that has a drainage hole underneath. As they are in bathrooms they might need less water as they will absorb the water in the air. 

Aloe vera is the perfect bathroom succulent as they will thrive in low light they do not need direct sun exposure. Therefore they make a good bathroom plant and you should consider having them. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I put a jade plant in the bathroom?

You should not put the Jade plant in the bathroom as it is believed that these plants bring luck and prosperity. Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that this is the luckiest plant and brings luck, wealth, money, etc.

When you place the jade plants in bathrooms that will flush away all the luck and wealth. Therefore you should never place the Jade plant in the bathrooms. If you want to know more about it make sure to visit:

Do Succulent Plants Bring Good Luck ? 

Final Thoughts

Yes, succulents are good for bathrooms and can thrive in such humidity. It is essential that you keep the type of succulents that is favorable to such climate. Also, avoid placing the Jade plant in the bathroom they are not meant to be in bathrooms. Keep the Aloe and Echeveria as they are perfect plants for bathrooms. 

Finally, I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions make sure to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Happy Planting!!

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