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are succulents good house plants

A few years back I was on a quest of finding great house plants for myself, which would be a great addition to my interior as well as will be beneficial in bringing luck for me. I know that sounds a bit superstitious but you know what after doing some research and having conversations with many experts I found these house plants. Yes, they were succulents and they were the perfect house plants not only for me, you too should have them. Now let’s get back to the question and answer it quickly: Are succulents good house plants? 

Succulents are good house plants as an indoor atmosphere is best suitable for them to grow. Succulents also purify indoor air quality and it is also believed that they bring luck, prosperity, and health according to Feng Shui believers. They look very pleasant and attractive to naked eyes. 

These plants are so small that they can be kept anywhere and will not take a lot of space yet they will look very beautiful when they are around. Succulents do not need much care and attention. They are low maintenance plants and do great with less water. 

Now that you know that succulents are good house plants let’s get to know in detail about the topic and why they are perfect house plants.

Which Succulents Are Best For Indoors?

Succulents are the type of plants that can store water in their leaves and can thrive in a dry atmosphere. They can go without water for days and that is one of the reasons they are becoming super popular house plants. But the question is can all succulents grow indoors?

Well, not all the succulents can grow indoors but there are a few varieties of them that are the best to grow indoors. Let’s get to know those beautiful succulents.

  1. Aloe
  2. Zebra Haworthia
  3. Hens And Chicks
  4. Bear’s and Paw
  5. Burro’s Tail
  6. Jade Plant  

These were a few of the best indoor succulents to have and even if you are a beginner they are super easy to grow. They just need to be taken care of once in a while, I will talk about how we should take care of succulents later in this article.

Do succulents clean the air indoors?

are succulents good house plants

It is quite surprising that many don’t know that indoor air is much more polluted. The reason for it is we use chemical-based stuff a lot such as perfumes, room fresheners, cleaners, etc. Also, we cook, and sometimes that releases some harmful chemicals in the form of smoke. These kinds of things contaminate the indoor air and can be harmful to long-term health. 

Succulents can absorb all the toxins and carbon dioxide and are capable of producing more oxygen. That will improve the indoor air quality and will make your home healthier. It is always nice to have these tiny succulents to make us feel good and add some greenery.  

Is succulent plant lucky?

According to Feng Shui believers, succulents are considered lucky plants. It is believed that they bring good luck, prosperity and attract money and wealth. 

The reason that they are lucky is their ability to retain water in their leaves is equal to retaining wealth and positive vibes another is they are capable of thriving in adverse conditions that equal to absorbing negative vibes inside your home. 

One of the luckiest succulents is the Jade plant. It is believed that jade plants attract money and wealth therefore having one can bring good fortune for you. If you want to know more about it then make sure to visit:

Are succulents good luck plants?

How to care for indoor succulents?

Succulents are very beautiful and vibrant plants. They do not need much care and attention. You just need to take care of them once in a while as I have mentioned earlier. They are desert plants and do great with less water and they love the sun so make sure that they get it. Let’s get to know how to care for indoor succulents?

1. Watering schedule

Succulents do not like to be overwatered or underwatered; they need to be watered sufficiently. It is important to keep their watering schedule correctly. For that, I have a method for you which I use is the soak and dry method. You have to dip your finger in the soil and check. If the soil is dry then it is the perfect time to water the succulents. 

While watering them make sure that you don’t water them on their leaves as that will harm the plant. Water directly into the soil till the soil is completely wet. That will help the roots to easily absorb the water. 

Another way is to water them once a week as that will save your efforts of dipping the finger in the soil. Usually watering once a week is more than sufficient for indoor succulents but during winters it is important to reduce watering frequency. Therefore during winters follow the soak and dry method that will ensure that you are watering the plants correctly.

2. Give them light

Succulents are desert plants so they like sun exposure. You should give a good amount of light daily to your beloved succulents to keep them healthy. Make sure that you are giving them a minimum of two hours of light daily. 

You can’t keep an eye on the succulents for 24 hours, therefore what I do is keep my succulents near the window where they get a direct as well as indirect light throughout the day. Keep them near the window where they can get direct sun that will keep them growing healthy. 

If they are not getting the required amount of light then the plants start to stretch and they stretch in the search of light. Therefore it is important to keep rotating the succulent to ensure the whole plant gets exposed to light.

3. Keep them in Well draining soil

Succulents do not like to sit in damp soil. Dampness increases moisture in the soil and that causes root rot. Therefore, you must keep your succulents in good quality well-draining soil.

This type of soil will flush away the excess water and will dry way faster. Well-draining soil does not hold water for a longer time so that reduces moisture formation and will avoid root rot. And it will promote the healthy growth of your succulents. 

4. Pots with a drainage hole for succulents

As I said earlier succulents do not like to sit in damp soil for too long. Pots that have drainage holes underneath are the best pots for growing healthy succulents. 

Drainage holes help flush away the excess water quickly and will complement very well with draining soil by giving just a sufficient amount of water to succulent.

By having pots that have a drainage hole you can prevent the succulents from overwatering. This is the perfect way to keep the plants indoor and care for them without giving much attention.   

5. Have a proper air-flow

It is very important to keep the good airflow for your beautiful succulents as that will avoid the humidity. Succulents do not like too much humidity as that is a concern for them therefore keep them in a place where they get airflow. 

You can place them near the window as I have mentioned earlier that will help them get fresh air as well as will expose the succulents to direct sunlight. 

If you live in a region where it is tough for you to give them fresh air you can just simply place the succulents under the ceiling fan that is a good option to reduce humidity (I do this sometimes).

6. Fertilize the succulents 

Fertilizers provide all the essential nutrients to the succulents that soil lacks. Fertilizers help plants to grow healthy and beautiful and enhance the growth of the plant. 

You should consider fertilizing the succulents once a month at least so that the plants can get the nutrients. You must avoid fertilizing the succulents during winters. During winters most of the succulents are dormant. 

To know more about fertilizing the succulents make sure to visit:

How often should you fertilize Succulents?

Final Thoughts 

Succulents are beautiful little plants that have vibrant colors that look very pleasing to our eyes. Having them as house plants is the best thing you can do. These plants make us feel good and also bring luck and positivity with them. Consider these beauties for your house without giving a second thought.

Finally, I hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any queries make sure to leave a comment below I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Planting!!

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