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are succulents good luck plants

Succulents are tiny beautiful plants that need very little care to thrive. People love to have a collection of these plants due to their very aesthetic look. These plants are so tiny that you can take them anywhere you want or keep them at your workplace or at your home. But sometimes people often get this question, Are succulents good luck plants? Let’s answer this question quickly and then discuss it in detail.

Yes, succulents do bring good luck, abundance, and positivity according to the Feng Shui philosophy. Many who practices Feng Shui believe that having succulents at home can bring positivity, wealth, and money to help you grow in life.

Although there is no science behind this it is just a belief of the people that they feel good when they have succulents. Speaking from my personal experience I feel very positive and good whenever I see my succulents.

Let’s get into the details and get to know more about succulents and luck that is associated with them.

Why Are Succulent Considered Good Luck Plants?

Succulents are considered good luck plants. because it is believed that the succulents have the ability to retain water and that is equal to retaining wealth and abundance and are capable of thriving in adverse conditions that equal absorbing all the negativity that goes around.  

Another reason for this is that the succulents have the ability to propagate from a single leave that signifies the propagation of money and wealth. Therefore, it is always good to have plants around us as they make us feel good. 

These are a few reasons why they are considered good luck plants.

Which Succulents Bring Good Luck?

are succulents good luck plants

Succulents are good luck plants but there is one thing to remember that not all succulents bring luck. Succulents with thorns are not considered lucky plants. The reason for this is that it is believed that thorns are the symbol of negativity and can bring some misfortune. 

The luckiest and popular succulent to bring home is the Jade plant. It is believed that the Jade plant attracts luck and fortune the most and many people consider having them around either at the workplace or at home. 

Just like every other succulent it really feels positive and good just by looking at the Jade plant. These plants do not need much care. It’s just that you need to give them water and sunlight when needed.

The Jade plant has the ability to propagate itself by a leave that signifies the multiplication of wealth, money, etc.  


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Where Should You Place Them?

are succulents good luck plants

The first thing you should consider is to avoid placing thorny succulents anywhere in the bedroom or kitchen. When you place the thorny succulents in the bedroom it can be an invitation that you might face tough times in your intimate relations with your partner. And if you place them in the kitchen then it adds a negative taste to the food. 

As the Jade plant attracts wealth, money, and positivity so always consider keeping it in your house. The perfect place to keep this plant is in the southeast direction of your house for wealth. East direction for creating luck and positivity and it is also very beneficial for the good health of the family.

If you are a businessman then consider keeping this plant near your cash counter. That will help to retain more cash and multiply it. And if you work somewhere then try keeping the plant at the entrance door or somewhere near you to help you feel positive and to bring some luck.

It is believed that there are a few places where you should avoid keeping the succulents or Jade plant. Places like bathroom, near the entrance door of your house, bedroom and kitchen. 

Firstly if you keep the Jade plant in the bathroom that will flush away all the wealth. Then if you place them in the bedroom that will create intimate issues with your partner. And if you place them at the entrance of your house then all the prosperity and luck will vanish away from the house through that door.

The best way to keep the Jade plant is to select a corner that meets all the above requirements and then keep on adding your collection in that section of your house. That will look elegant as well as will bring you more luck. This is what I personally prefer to do. 

EastGood health of the whole family
SoutheastBrings all the wealth and success for business
WestBrings creativity and good luck to children
NorthwestBrings good luck to your well-wishers, and to your mentors.
Placing Jade Plant

Benefits Of Having A Jade Plant For Luck

The Jade plant is just like any other succulent they do not need much care and can be a perfect plant to have. It is generally considered as the money plant, friendship plant as it brings all the positivity and luck with it. 

Feng Shui practitioners believe that the Jade plant is the symbol of luck and prosperity. Having one in your house can drastically change the way you feel, think and will attract all the abundance. 

This plant is very famous in Asia. People believe that it is a good luck plant and having it will vanish all the negativity and bad luck from their lives. Many people give most of the credit to this plant for its success. 

In China, the Jade plant is considered the best plant to gift someone. The reason for it is that when you gift this plant to someone it is believed that you wish all the positivity and luck to that person. That’s really a unique way of wishing all the luck to someone. 

In many Asian weddings, this plant is gifted and also it is gifted to a businessman for the good fortune for their business or to the person who has just started the business. It symbolizes that you are wishing for the growth of their business.

Final Thoughts On Are Succulents Good Luck Plants?

Finally, there is no scientific evidence for this, it is just a belief for the Feng Shui practitioners to have this plant for luck. You can think as it of superstition if you do not believe in the Feng Shui practice. 

Nevertheless, it is always good to have succulents in our house as they cleanse the air around us and makes us feel good.

I have met many people who had suffered from a heart attack or paralysis. They have shared their own experiences of having succulents around them have made a positive impact on their health during tough times.

Therefore having succulent is a good thing it does not matter if you believe in luck or not. Keep succulents around you and gift succulents to your loved ones.

I hope you have got all the information you were looking for. If you have any query make sure to comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Planting !


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