Why Is My Bear Paw Succulent Not Plump?

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Bear Paw is a tiny cute succulent that is pretty easy to grow and care for. This succulent resembles the claw of a bear, therefore it is called a Bear paw succulent. The scientific name of this succulent is Cotyledon Tomentosa. Many people have a problem with this succulent that it is not plump.

bear paw succulent not plump

Let’s quickly get to know: Why is my Bear paw succulent not plump?

Bear paw succulent is not plump because it is either underwatered or it is not getting enough light throughout the day. Water the bear paw correctly and keep them in partial light all day. The other reason could be a nutrient deficiency. Consider fertilizing the plant once a month to overcome the nutrient deficiency.

Bear paw succulent is a low-maintenance plant. But a lot of people have trouble growing one. Most of the time the issue is that Bear paw is not plump. I advise them to look after your plant properly. Give them what they need to stay healthy, which will help them grow beautifully.

In this article let’s get to know more about Bear Paw succulent.

How do you plump the Bear Paw succulent?

We love to see our Bear paw succulent growing healthy and plump. If your plant is not plump then the strong reason for this can be the lack of light. Your Bear paw is not getting enough light to glow and flower. So you need to keep them in a place where they can get partial light throughout the day.

Otherwise, keep them under direct sun for 2-3 hours daily. This succulent comes from the desert and they love sunlight and are used to thrive in extreme conditions.

The other reason could be a nutrient deficiency in the plant. For that, you must consider fertilizing the plant once a month. Make sure to use organic fertilizer. This will ensure that that plant is getting enough nutrients for healthy growth.

How do you care for Bear paw succulent?

Caring for Bear paw succulent is pretty much the same as all other succulents. This succulent does not need much care and attention. But there are a few things you need to look for to help the Bear paw grow healthy and beautiful.


There are two ways to water the Bear paw, the first one is my favorite which is the soak and dry method. In this, you just need to water the plant when the soil is completely dry.

Then repeat the same process before watering them again. While watering, make sure that the soil is completely soaked by water.

The second method is to water the plant once a week. I do not prefer this method as it can cause overwatering sometimes. But the soak and dry method helps us understand the watering needs of the plant correctly and do not cause overwatering.

Bear paw succulents do not need a lot of water to survive. Just like every other succulent, it also can go weeks without water. After all, it is a desert plant. So you must water them less yet effectively.

By that what I mean is you need to understand the water requirements of the plant.

Giving them Light

The bear paw is a sun-loving succulent. They need light to grow and stay healthy. You must give them direct sunlight for 2-3 hours daily. If you cannot keep them under the sun or you live in a region where there is no sun.

Then there are other ways to provide light to the plant. You can keep the Bear paw under the grow lights or normal LED lights.

If you are the type of person (like me) who does not want to spend money on grow lights, then home LED lights will also do a great job.

I prefer keeping my Bear paws near the window in such a way that they get a good amount of partial light throughout the day.

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Fast draining soil

Having good soil for the succulent is just like having a good home for them. Bear paw does not like to sit in damp soil all the time. Therefore, you must have good quality fast draining soil.

This type of soil flushes away the excess water from the soil and retains just moisture for the roots. Also, fast-draining soil dries way faster compared to other soil.

Which prevents overwatering and root rotting and many other problems. You can buy the potting soil from amazon or you can create your own potting mix at home.

Pots with a drainage hole

As mentioned earlier, Bear paw does not like to sit in a damp environment. So you need pots that have a drainage hole underneath to flush away the excess water.

When the Bear paw is planted in a pot with a hole and fast-draining soil, this type of arrangement will enhance healthy growth.

If like to plant your Bear paw in a fancy pot, they usually do not have a drainage hole. So there is a solution to it, add a few pebbles or marbles at the bottom of the pot. It will help the water to slide at the bottom and the soil will not stay damp.

Fertilizing them

Fertilization is a very essential part of any plant’s healthy growth. Soil has a lot of nutrients in it, but it is not capable of providing all the essential nutrients to the succulent.

So you should give your lovely Bear paw an extra dose of nutrients every once in a while. I prefer fertilizing the plant once a month.

But make sure not to fertilize them during winters. Succulents go dormant during winters. Also, while using fertilizer make sure to use the organic fertilizer, the chemical fertilizer can damage the plant.

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Bug infestation

Bug attacks and fungal infections can be the worst nightmare for the plant. The sooner you catch it the better it is to cure them. So you should inspect the Bear paw once a week at least.

While checking upon it, make sure to look for the blind spot such as under the leaves, at the joining of the stem and leaf. Those are the high-risk spots. If you spot bugs then make sure to treat them earliest.

If you want to know more about the bug attack then visit:

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Final Thoughts!

Finally, Bears paw are one of the tiny succulents. They do not need much care and attention, if your plant is not plump then make sure to care for it. Give them a good amount of sunlight throughout the day. Also, water them correctly and fertilize your lovely Bears paw frequently.

I hope this article was helpful. Do share this information with others.

Happy Planting!!

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