My Bears Paw Succulent Dying | Top 7 Reasons Why!!

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Bears Paw Succulent Dying

Bears paw succulent is one of the tiny and beautiful plants. Their leaves resemble the paws of Bear and that is how they got the name. These are super easy to grow plants and do not need much care and attention.

When I was a beginner I had a Bears paw. The plant was quite healthy for a few months and suddenly it started to change its appearance. I understood that my Bears paw is dying. I was confused that even after caring for it correctly how can this happen. 

So I did some research and consulted a few gardening experts and they explained to me the reasons for it. Now, let’s quickly get to know: Why are Bears paw succulents dying? 

Bears paw succulents mostly die due to root rot, improper lighting, or overwatering. These are the most common reasons for it. 

I used to care for the plant a lot, but the problem was that I kept my plant without light for too long and that caused stress in it. So after doing a little tweak in my caring routine, I was able to save it, and so can you. Although there are a lot of other reasons for this. Let’s get to know.

7 Reasons Why Bears Paw Die?

This type of plant needs to be cared for when they need it. If you do not give that care and attention when it is required they start to die. Here are a few of the reasons for this.

1. Watering Problems

Bears paw need to be watered correctly, as both overwatering or underwatering can harm the plant. You must understand their needs while watering them and for that, I prefer using the soak and dry method. 

This is the perfect way to water the plant, this method helps you understand the watering needs of the plant. Water them only when the soil is dry and repeat this for every watering schedule. 

Overwatering causes many problems in the plant. Bears paw are more prone to rot, so you must avoid overwatering them. When the plant is underwatered it has shriveled, dry leaves and that can also be the reason why your Bears paw are dying.

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2. Inappropriate Light

Bears paw loves bright light, these succulents grow healthy and beautiful when they get a good amount of light throughout the day. When they do not get enough light they start to stretch and grow rapidly in a particular direction. 

This causes stress in a plant and they start to die. Therefore, you must keep them in a partial light every day. I keep my succulents near the window or under a cloth shed so that they get indirect sunlight throughout the day. This will ensure that the Bears paw is growing healthy.

3. Poor Soil

Bears paw does not like to sit in damp soil. They need fast-draining soil to grow healthy. When you keep them in poor soil that retains a lot of moisture in the soil and causes root rot. Bears paw is very likely to get root rot as they are prone to it. 

Therefore, consider buying a good quality potting soil that is fast draining. This type of soil flushes away all the excess water from the soil and dries way faster. It also has all the essential nutrients for the healthy growth of a succulent. 

4. Planting them in wrong pots

Just like every other succulent, Bears paw also need pots that have drainage hole underneath. This kind of pot goes perfectly with the fast-draining soil as it will help to flush away all the excess water from the pot. 

When you keep them in a pot without a drainage hole, all the excess water sits at the bottom of the pot and slowly damages the roots, and causes rotting. Therefore always keep them in a pot with a drainage hole to keep them healthy.  

5. Root rot

Bears paw is more prone when it comes to root rot. Sometimes, when the plant is in poor soil, that causes the root rot in them, or overwatering can also cause rotting. 

To check the rot take out the plant from the pot and then gently remove the soil around the roots. Then look for the black, blue roots or dark spots on the roots. 

These are rotted roots, you need to cut these with the help of a cutting tool and then leave the plant for a day to heal. Then repot the Bears paw and do not water for a few days. 

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6. Fungal infection

Fungal infection can be another reason why your Bears paw might be dying. When the plant is overwatered, or if you are one of those who water the succulents on the leaves, instead of pouring water directly into the soil.

That is an invitation to fungal infection, this happens mainly due to an increase in the humidity of the plant. To save the Bears paw from this consider spraying fungicide till fungus disappears.

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7. Bug Infestation

A bug attack is one of the worst nightmares for a plant. If you spot them early there is a higher chance of saving your plant. Mealybugs are the most common bugs that can attack Bears paw

These are small white bugs and can spread rapidly across all the plants and will eat up the whole succulent. These mealybugs tend to feed off the plants, once you spot them, quarantine the plant immediately. 

Then apply pesticides or alcohol rub on the plant till they are completely gone. This can a reason why Bears paw is dying. Therefore, you must inspect the plant every week or two. Also, do not forget to look for the blind spots, such as under the leaves or at the start of the stems.

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How do you save a Bear paw succulent?

To save Bears paw succulents, make sure that you take care of them correctly. Water them once a week or by using the soak and dry method. Consider giving them partial sunlight throughout the day and also check the soil. Other things to consider to save them are:

Keep Them in the shade

Bears paw loves direct to partial sun and they do great in it. But you must keep them under the cloth shade or at a place where they can get partial light throughout the day. This will ensure the healthy growth of Bears paw and will grow beautiful and vibrant. 

Fertilize them

Succulents need that extra source of nutrients to grow healthy. Soil is not capable of providing all the essential nutrients to the plant. Therefore you must consider fertilizing them once a month or before their growing season to promote healthy growth. 

While using fertilizer make sure to use organic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers cause harm the plant. To know more about it make sure to visit:

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Final Thoughts

Bears paw is super easy to grow and are very low maintenance plants. They do not need much care and attention, you just need to take care of them when they need it. Look for the above reasons and save them by doing little tweaks.

I hope you found this article helpful. Do share this information with others. 

Happy Planting!! 

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