Can Succulents in Office With No Windows Survive? | 5 Best Succulents!!

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can succulents survive in office with no window

Can succulents survive in an office that has no windows? This is the question I had earlier when I was a beginner. I wanted a succulent in my office, but I was unsure whether the conditions would be suitable for them to thrive. So I did some research and spoke to few experts about it. In this article let’s get to know everything about it.

Before jumping into the details quickly let’s answer the main question: Can succulents survive in a windowless office? 

Succulents can survive in an office with no window, you need to choose the right variety of succulents and give them the proper source of light, have fast-draining soil and have a correct watering schedule. Also, keep them dry and ventilated

These are a few simple things to take care of to help the succulents thrive in the office. You should always use good quality potting soil and avoid overwatering them. 

It is also important to give them light considering the office has no windows. Succulents do not need much care and attention they are very low maintenance plants. Now let’s discuss all these things in depth. 

How To Grow Succulents In Office?

To grow succulents in the office is not that tough. But you must provide all the essentials that the succulents require as per their needs to help them grow healthy.

Here are a few things to consider for growing the succulents in lowlight conditions or an office with no window. 

1. Choose A Right Succulent

It is important to know that having the right variety of succulents will thrive in the office. Some succulents variety are good to grow outdoors and others are good for indoors. 

Therefore, it is very important to get the right one for the office. Some succulents need a lot of sun exposure and that succulents need to be grown outdoors, whereas some can thrive in low light conditions or under the grow lights. 

These types of succulents are perfect to bring inside the office. They will thrive in such conditions and will give a very elegant look to office surroundings. 

To help you choose the right variety later in this article I have shared a few of the succulents that can be grown in low light conditions.

2. Suitable Pots

Having a perfect pot is just like having a perfect home for the succulents. They do not like to sit in water for too long, therefore, it is important to have pots that have drainage holes underneath. 

Pots that have drainage holes help to flush away the excess water from the soil and just retain the moisture in the soil. When succulents are kept in a compact space like an office where there is minimal aeration and has low light, this type of pot helps the plant breathe and keeps the soil dry. 

When the succulents are kept inside a pot without drainage it starts to store water at the bottom of the pot and that causes root rot and eventually plant might die.

3. Right Potting Soil 

Succulents do not like the type of soil that holds a lot of water in it, which damages the roots and causes rotting. When growing the succulents you must go for the fast-draining soil.

Fast draining soil will flush away all the excess water from the soil and it will retain just enough amount of water that is required for the roots. This type of soil will avoid overwatering problems and it goes perfectly with the pot with drainage holes. 

This kind of arrangement is best suited to grow healthy succulents even in low light conditions and inside offices with no window. When succulents are kept in windowless offices, they have minimal ventilation, and having fast-draining soil will help the soil to dry way faster and will give roots breathing space. 

4. Watering Schedule

Succulents are desert plants they do great with less water. Excess watering can damage the plant. So it is important to have a great watering schedule. 

The best way to water them is by applying the “soak and dry” method. I consider this the perfect way to understand the watering need of the plants. In this method water the plant when the soil is completely dry. 

Dip your fingertip into the soil to check the soil whether it is dry or damp, then consider watering. Do this before every watering schedule. Remember when watering the succulents do not water on the leaves, water directly into the soil.

As the succulent is in windowless office it will have low ventilation, when you water on the leaves that water sits on it. Due to excess moisture and high humidity they may suffer from fungal infection.

5. Give Them Light

When succulents are kept in low-light places such as windowless offices, it is important to give them an artificial source of light. The best way to give them light is by using grow lights for succulents, you can get them from Amazon (I am not an affiliate, just sharing my own experience). 

Sometimes it is not possible to have the grow lights in offices, in such a scenario keep the succulents under the office lights. I have done it many times and had no issues. 

Succulents tend to grow very healthy in such lights too, just make sure that you keep them appropriately so that the plant can get enough light from all the sides. 

The Best low-light Succulents for windowless Office!!

Now that you have understood how to grow succulents in low-light or windowless offices, now let’s get to know about the best succulents for it. Here are a few easy-to-grow succulents.

1. Aloe

Aloe is one of the most popular succulents and is capable of thriving in any condition. It has thick fleshy leaves that have aloe gel inside which is used for skin and hair care purposes. 

This succulent is best suited for windowless offices as it is an adaptive plant. Aloe is low maintenance and is easy to care for and can go weeks without water. These abilities of Aloe make them perfect to have in offices. 

2. Zebra Plants

The Zebra plant is the most common and beginner-friendly succulent. This plant has white strips just like the zebras maybe that is the reason why they are called Zebra plants.

It is also a low maintenance succulent and can be grown in low light conditions. Its scientific name is Haworthia fasciata. This plant is also easy to care for and can be grown under artificial lights.

3. Snake Plants

The snake plant is very attractive-looking and is one of the popular house plants. It has the ability to purify indoor air quality by removing formaldehyde and all other toxins. 

Snake plants can thrive in low light conditions which makes them perfect indoor and office plants. The scientific name for the Snake plant is Sansevieria.  

4. Gasteria

This succulent is native to Africa and is also called Ox tongue (maybe due to its appearance). Gasteria usually grows well under low light, they do not like too much exposure to the sun due to their natural habitat. 

Gasteria is usually grown indoors and just like every other succulent is easy to care for. Therefore this succulent is best suited for windowless offices.

5. Schlumbergera

Schlumbergera is very unique succulent and has very different growing habits from all the usual succulents. Thes are native to tropical rainforests of Brazil and are grown healthy under shade. 

They do not like direct sun exposure usually they grow healthy in partial sunlight, which makes Schlumbergera the perfect low-light indoor succulent.

Final Thoughts

Succulents can be grown in offices that have no windows, you just need to make sure that the plant is getting the light (that can be artificial light or natural) depending on your offices. 

Also, keep the succulents dry and make sure that they are kept in a ventilated place to help them breathe. You can keep them under the fan also to help them get fresh air and to avoid humidity. These are a few things to take care of while growing them in low light.

I hope you have got all the answers you were looking for, if you have any queries make sure to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Planting!!

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