Can You Leave Succulents Outside In Rain?

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Can You Leave Succulents Outside In Rain

Often people ask me this question can I leave succulents outside in rain? Well, this is one of the common doubts that arise if you are one of those who likes to keep your succulents outside. Succulents are very easy to grow plants that do not need much care. But it is very essential to give them proper attention when they do need it. In this article, we will be discussing this in detail but before getting into the details let’s quickly answer the question. Can you leave succulents outside in rain?

No, It is preferred to bring succulents inside or cover them when it rains although rainwater helps the succulents to nurture the growth. But if you do not have well-draining soil then rain can dampen the soil and rot the roots.

Succulents do not like too much water or moisture around them or in the soil as that tends to trouble the plant. When the succulent is sitting in water for too long that’s when the problem starts. Now let’s get into the details and get to know more about this topic and can your succulents survive the rain.     

Will rain kill my succulents?

We as succulent growers are used to the term overwatering and that term brings this question in our mind “will my rain kill my succulents?”. 

It is very important to understand that succulents tend to survive the rain. Usually, rain can be beneficial for the growth of the plant as it will wash away all the dirt and chemicals from the soil. It will also provide the required nitrogen to the succulents. But if it rains heavily and too frequently in your area then rain can be an alarming sign for your succulent.

Rainwater will dampen the soil and even if you have well-draining soil for your succulents it won’t be able to thrive. As too much rain will produce moisture and that will cause root rot. Therefore, if you live in a place that has more rain then you should not leave your succulents outside.

Now you might be thinking how can you identify that it rains a lot in your area or not? Well, it is said that succulents do well in regions where there is rainfall up to 20-25 inches. In this region, you can keep your succulents outside but remember if it rains frequently then it is advised to bring them indoors. 

How to protect succulents from too much rain?

Rain can be great for your plant to grow and produce vibrant colors. Succulents love water but if the water sits around the succulents for a long time then that creates problems. This usually happens when the succulents are out in rain. 

Rainwater accumulates around the succulents and dampens the soil that causes excess moisture in the soil and will start suffocating the roots as they will lack absorbing oxygen. And that is an invitation to the fungal infections which will cause rotting of the plant. 

Therefore if you live in a region where it rains and you still want your succulents to be out there in a natural environment healthy and beautiful here are a few ways you can do it.  

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1. Covering the outdoor succulents

If you have the succulents outside then covering them is one of the easy and best ways to save them from drowning. By covering the succulents you will be able to stop succulents from getting in contact with water and will also reduce the root rots. 

Covers are the best protection to have for outdoor succulents not only from rain but have many other benefits. It will not only prevent rotting but will also keep the succulents away from the bugs, stormy winds, frost. 

Plant covers are of different types but the most effective and useful are the polyester and linen covers. They also come in different materials but from my own experience, you should always prefer fabrics, polyester, and linen both are fabrics. 

You should always avoid plastic covering as plastic has the ability to hold moisture in its surroundings. That will suffocate the succulents and will eventually cause rotting in leaves and roots. These covers have various names such as plant covers, row covers, or garden fabric. 

There is another type of cover you can do to protect succulents from rain is the roof covering or shelter cover. Roof covering is done by covering the succulents by giving them shelter. You can make a shed or a tent to cover the succulents or anything that will cover your plants. If you have a huge collection outdoor then consider having a shelter or a shed to protect them from rain. Although it will not protect your succulents from stormy winds and rainstorms.  

2. Well draining soil

It is always nice to have a good quality well-draining soil that helps water to drain quickly and avoids dampening the soil. When you plant succulents outdoors then plant them in coarse sandy soil or rocky soil. These types of soils drain the water faster and can be top dressing too.  

When you have succulents planted outdoors it is beneficial to add top dressing to the succulents. There are two benefits of adding topdressing, number one it evenly distributes the water around the plant and will help water to evaporate faster. The second benefit is that it adds elegant looks to the succulents and looks very attractive to the eyes.

3. Air-flow

Succulents do not like moist climate and if have a huge outdoor collection then if it rains then that might be a problem. One of the most common reasons for fungal infection is moisture if your succulent arrangement is not in the proper way that has good airflow then that will increase moisture when it rains. 

To avoid this it is important to give good airflow to the plants. That will help them to dry quickly and will avoid the formation of moisture on the succulents. 

In order to have good airflow arrange the succulents on a slope or create a small hill or elevated portion and then plant the succulents on that region what this will do is flush away all the rainwater downwards. Another option is to create steps on the slope and then plant them.

Having this type of arrangement increases airflow and plants dry way faster. This prevents all types of fungal infections in succulents and also prevents rotting of the leaves or stems. This type of arrangement will prepare your succulents for all the seasons and planting the succulents together will absorb water quickly. 

These are a few ways that can help you to protect succulents from too much rain. Consider having a good potting mix that has perlite and coarse sand to drain water quickly. If you have succulents that are potted in pots then make sure that it has drainage holes underneath. 

Final Thoughts 

Succulents are extremist plants that love rain but it is important to know how much rain is good. If you are one of those who live in a heavy rainfall region then make sure to follow all the above steps from the article. That will help your beautiful succulents to thrive in heavy rain.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you have any queries make sure to leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Planting!!

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