What Are Cold Hardy Succulents? | 5 Cold Hardy Succulents!

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There are a few succulents that have the ability to thrive in all seasons including freezing cold and these are known as the hardy succulents. Many people think succulents are desert plants and they do great in warm and humid conditions and with less water.

But there are a few species of succulents that thrive all the seasons. Let’s get to know about what succulents are cold and hardy?

Hardy succulents are cold-resistant plants and can survive freezing cold even when it’s snowing outside. If you want to grow a succulent outside in your garden during winter then these hardy succulents are the best option for your garden.

If you live in a cold place and you love growing succulents outside then you should probably consider these types of succulents for your garden. As they will endure these harsh cold conditions. Succulents are beautiful tiny plants and are very pleasing to our eyes.

Many people are confused regarding which succulents can thrive in winter and what are these cold hardy succulents and they have tons of questions. In this article let’s get to know everything about cold-hardy succulents.

How much cold can Hardy succulents face?

cold hardy succulents

As I said earlier they can thrive in freezing cold. If you want to know the exact temperature they can thrive in then it’s below zero degrees Celsius.

Yes, you heard it right! If you live in a place where you have this kind of temperature and it’s always snowing then it’s easier for you to grow these beautiful plants. Now let’s get to know what are the types of cold hardy succulents.

Types of Cold Hardy succulents

Succulents mainly have two varieties that can tolerate cold temperatures. The first one is Sempervivum and the other is Stonecrop Sedums

Many people work on a variety of arrangements for their garden only by using these cold-hardy succulents in winter. They do this just because they can have a wonderful garden even when there is snow on the ground.

Let’s get to know the five beautiful cold hardy succulents that you can plant in your garden.

1. Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca)

Hesperaloe Parviflora is a succulent whose leaves are evergreen and mimic ornamental grass. Red yucca has the ability to thrive in full sun as well as in cold and these can be planted in containers or on the ground as per your requirement.

They flower during spring as well as during the summer months. Red Yucca stands tall with coral-colored flowers and they attract hummingbirds they usually are 5 feet tall.

This can grow in zone 5 and have the ability to survive in (minus) -29 degrees celsius. Red Yucca can be watered monthly in spring and during summertime, they can be watered after every 3 weeks.

They will grow best in light shade but the full sun can also be an option. Always remember to plant them in well-drained soil and in a place where they can get filtered sunlight.

2. Hens and Chicks ( common cold hardy succulent)

Hens and chicks are also called Sempervivum or Houseleek. These are the type of succulents that produce babies also called chicks and their mother is the hen.

Sempervivum has as many as 50 species and many hybrids which results in countless variations of color shape size of the succulent. Sempervivum needs very little attention while growing in your garden.

They can also be planted in a container or on a stone wall or on a ground cover. Hens and chicks should be planted in well-drained soil and in a pot that has good drainage. Remember to not overwater a succulent as that might kill your beautiful plant.

Hens and chicks are usually grown in zone 4 to 9. They have the ability to survive the temperature of (minus) -34 degrees celsius. When you are watering these plants always remember to water only when the soil is dried.

Never water them if the soil is wet or damp. Hens and chicks require full sun to the filter shade. Their size depends upon the species.

3. Whale’s Tongue Agave

This succulent usually comes from Northeastern Mexico which is a region where it gets too cold during winter and still this succulent manages to survive.

This isn’t just the hardy succulent but it’s also a very beautiful plant that has wide blue-gray leaves and looks very attractive. The reason this succulent has this name is that some people say its leaves are just like the curved tongues of whales.

That’s the reason why it has this very unique name. Whales tongue can grow up to 4 feet tall and wide as the plant has very wide leaves it has an attractive overall look.

Just like every succulent this plant also needs well-drained soil and a pot with good drainage and you should always water this plant once a week. This succulent usually grows in temperatures below zero degrees celsius and can thrive in zone 7 or below.

4. Broadleaf Stonecrop (Sedum spathulifolium)

Broadleaf Stonecrop has a northwestern origin, also called Pacific Stonecrop. They create a very beautiful ground cover which is very pleasing to our eyes when planted on the ground.

Broadleaf Stonecrop has gray-blue color on its leaves during winter the outer leaves of the plant turn into an attractive burgundy color in response to cold temperature. You should always plant them in well-drained soil and in a rocky area as their native habitat has these conditions.

Always avoid planting them in areas where water will pool. Broadleaf Stonecrop usually grows in zone 6 and can survive in (minus) -21 degrees celsius.

Once they’re established always water them when the soil is dried do not overwater as that will kill the succulent. They can grow up to 2 inches tall and can spread up to 2 feet wide. Give them full sun to a filtered shade of sunlight.

5. Thompson’s Yucca 

Thompson’s Yucca is a tree-like plant that grows in many natural areas of the southwest region. These succulents have blue-grey colored leaves that are arranged in a rosette pattern at the top of the plant.

Thompson’s Yucca grows white flowers in late spring. They are native to Western Texas and many regions of Mexico. Thompson’s Yucca will grow in zone 5 to 9 and can survive in (minus) -29 degrees celsius this makes them hardy succulents.

They also need very less water compared to other succulents. They grow 10 feet tall and require’s full sunlight for healthy growth. Just like every succulent they also need well-drained soil.

Final Thoughts

These are the 5 cold hardy succulents that thrive in cold winters. You can add these beautiful succulents to your garden during the winter so that you wouldn’t miss gardening.

Our goal is to promote green living and to help everyone grow these beautiful tiny succulents in their garden. And I encourage you all to gift a succulent to your loved ones so that we can go green and grow green.

As I live in the part of a world where it’s hard to find these hardy succulents so I couldn’t get any images of all these cold-hardy succulents.

I hope this article was helpful. Do share this information with others. If you have any doubt then make sure to leave a comment. I will get back to you.

Happy planting!

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