Do Succulents Like Humidity? Growing Succulents In Humidity

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do succulents like humidity

If you live in a humid climate (just like me) then you might get this thought a lot. Growing succulents in a humid environment can be a task but if you do it correctly then succulents will grow healthy. Succulents are considered as the drought plants and they usually thrive in a humid climate and they do great with less water. But many people have this question do succulents like humidity? Let’s answer your question first then we will get into the details of growing succulents in a humid climate.

The answer to this question is NO. Succulents do not like humid climate but yes they can thrive in it but they will eventually die in humidity if they are exposed in such climate for a longer period of time. 

The reason why succulents do not like humidity is that in humid climate there is a lot of moisture in the air. Moisture in the air means water in the air and that may damp soil and can rot the roots of the plant and due to that plants will die eventually.

Succulents, in general, can handle a bit humid climate but they cannot handle high humidity. High humidity is an invitation to the fungal infections on the succulents. Due to moisture in the air, the leaves will not be able to breathe properly and the dampness will cause the infection on the succulents. This is why giving them enough sun is very important. But in a humid climate, there is not much of the sunlight. Let’s get to know more about growing succulents in humidity.

Growing succulents in a humid climate!

Living in a humid place is already a tough task but to make succulents thrive in such a climate is quite a task to do. Like me, if you also live in a place where there is humidity most of the time throughout the year then this might be helpful for you. And if you are in the part of the world where you have a specific time in a year when there is humidity then also you can take these steps into consideration to thrive the succulents in such climate.

When growing succulents in a humid climate the most important thing to do is to give them enough sun. Succulents love sun although it is important to give them morning sun as that will not burn the plant. If you have a large collection of succulents then moving the succulents daily is a lot of work. And if you are a busy person and have a job then this might be a very annoying thing to do. So to avoid this you can take care of these following things to help succulents thrive humidity. 

1. Place them near the window

Placing your succulents near windows can help them get enough source of light for a day. Keep them in such a window of your house where they can get the direct source of sunlight. This will help in reducing the humidity of the plants and will make them grow healthy. 

If you place all the succulents in a window that usually gets the morning sunlight then that is the best place your plant can be in during humid climate. I have learned this the hard way many of my succulents died until I found this trick. Now I always place the succulents near the window and guess what my plants grow beautifully.

2. Giving them enough airflow

Succulents need good airflow to survive in any climate but especially in a humid climate, they require good air circulation to survive. You might have seen a large fan in the big plant nurseries, They have this fan for circulation of the air. Good airflow will make plants breathe properly and will help them from getting infected from the fungus. 

So while growing succulents in humid climate always consider giving them good airflow. If you do not have a huge collection of plants then you can keep them under the air conditioner this might amaze you but I personally have got amazing results by doing it. So you can try it then impure air won’t be a trouble. 

But if you have a huge collection then this is not a great idea so try keeping them in a place where there is a proper circulation of the air or place a fan just like the one nurseries have. Keeping them near windows is also a good way of giving them sunlight as well as fresh air.

3. Grow lights for succulents

Grow lights are the best alternative for the sunlight. Many people have these lights when they are growing succulents indoors or during the winters. These grow lights can be very useful while growing succulents in humid climate too. In some places, due to cold, the humidity rises and there is no sunlight as the sun might be hiding in clouds.

During such climate keeping the succulents near the window might not work so in such a scenario, it is important to have these lights as they will give enough source of light to plants. 

It is not necessary to have specific grow lights for the succulents you can also use the normal LED or fluorescent lights for growing succulents. These can be handy when you don’t have a huge collection of succulents. You can buy these grow lights from amazon.

4. Watering the succulents in a humid climate

Watering succulents correctly is one of the most important factors of thriving the succulents in any climate. But especially in a humid climate, there is already a lot of moisture in the air so if you water the succulents once a week that can lead to overwatering the plants. 

What I recommend is to water the plant only when the soil the dry. Also, you can use the moisture meter before you water the plants. Just place the meter near the soil and then check the reading and accordingly water the succulents. I find this moisture meter very helpful in such a climate as it gives an accurate idea of watering the plants.   

How much humidity can succulents survive?

Usually, succulents survive in humid conditions but they will thot survive when the humidity in the climate crosses 100%. As soon as the humidity crosses this range then it starts to harm the succulents. Humidity means the moisture in the air and moisture means water in the air. So excess moisture tends to cause more harm to the succulents. Therefore you can grow the succulents by taking care of the things as mentioned in this article. That will help to thrive and will save the plants from dying.

Final Thoughts

Succulents are desert plants and usually can survive in humidity but high humidity tends to harm the plants. It is very essential to take care of the succulents in such a climate. Remember to give them 2-3 hours of sunlight every day do not overdo it as that might burn them. Also, provide them good airflow and water the succulents less in such a climate. 

If you follow these things your plant will survive and grow very beautiful and healthy in a humid climate too. There is no reason why you should not grow succulents in humidity it’s just that you need to take care of a few things, so start growing succulents right away.

If you have any doubts or suggestions make sure to leave a comment below.

Happy Planting!

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