Do Succulents Need Bigger pots? how to re-pot succulents

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Do succulents need bigger pots/

Do succulents need bigger pots? Often people are confused about the size of the pot to use for their succulents. Choosing the correct size of the pot is very important for the healthy growth of the plant. It is very important to understand that succulents don’t need too small pots or too big one either they just require the perfect size for their growth. Choosing the perfect size is the most difficult task one can face especially if you are a beginner. But don’t worry I am here to make that tough task easy for you. In this article, I will walk you through the in-depth process of choosing the correct pot and then how and when to re-pot succulents.

Do Succulents Need bigger pots or Appropriate sized pots?

As I have mentioned earlier it depends on succulent size, there isn’t any standard measurement for this you just have to choose the correct pot depending on what kind of succulent you have. To choose perfect pot size for a particular succulent first we need to understand the science behind the healthy growth of the plant. By science, we don’t need to go in-depth but we need to know the basics.

  1. Firstly succulents are desert plants usually they do great with less water.
  2. Most succulents have two types of roots taproot and hair root.

Taproots are fleshy and generally store water inside them so that succulents survive for a long period of time without watering them. Then hair roots are small like thin hair they are close to the surface so that they can have access to the rainwater and dew. To grow the succulent in pot it is very important to consider these two factors, roots require perfect space to grow.

Now that we know these things lets dive into the sizes of pots.

Bigger sized pots for succulents

When succulents are planted inside the bigger sized pots then the roots of the plant get more space to spread. This does not allow the roots to hit the bottom and the sides of the pot to promote healthy growth. Succulent may survive in bigger pots but they won’t last in it. Another factor to consider is bigger sized pots have more soil holding capacity and soil tends to hold more water and moisture which rot the roots.

too Small pots for succulents

Do succulents need bigger pots

Considering the requirement of the plant if you choose too small pot it will restrict the roots from growing appropriately and small pots holds very less soil which will not provide essential nutrients to plant. This will eventually restrict the growth of plant. Therefore it is very essential to choose correct sized pots.

How to choose the Correct pot size for succulents?

Choosing the correct pot size for our succulents is a bit difficult task. The size of the pot depends on the type of succulent you have but to help you choose the size I have a standard procedure that can apply to every type of succulent you have in your house.

The most perfect pot size for the plant is 10 percent bigger than that of the succulent size at the surface. You should always get a pot that is ten percent bigger than your succulent that will help roots to grow and absorb all the required nutrients and moisture. For example, if you have a 3-inch plant then you should get a 3.5-inch sized pot for your succulents.

Roots of succulents inside a perfect sized pot will hit the bottom and side in such a way that it will boost the growth of the plant. Thus it will help plant to grow bigger more fleshy and green.

do succulent pots need drainage holes?

Well, the answer to this question is yes, it is essential to have drainage holes otherwise roots will rot due to excess water. These drainage holes will not hold the water inside the pot. Succulents will absorb the required amount of water and the rest will be flushed out. Drainage holes in pot play a major role in growing a beautiful and healthy succulent.

How to re-pot succulents?

Do succulents need bigger pots? how to re-pot succulents

Now that we have learned how to choose a perfect pot size for succulents let’s get to know about the re-potting of succulents. Re-potting your plant is a hard job especially when you don’t know how to do it properly, if not done correctly that may lead to damaging your beautiful succulent, and eventually, it will die and that’s not you want to happen while re-potting them.

While re-potting a succulent you need these following things.

  1. The succulent.
  2. The appropriate sized pot.
  3. Potting mix or soil.
  4. Two kinds of rocks.

When you buy a pot you should always consider that it as proper drainage hole. If you don’t have drainage at the bottom you will end up damaging the growth of plant. Drainage is key to keep growing your plant as succulents do not like wet feet. So you need to have a perfect pot to grow healthy succulent.

Now the rocks there are two kinds of rocks big rocks and small rocks. The reason we are going to use rocks is to help retain some amount of soil and water inside the pot. As the pot has a drainage hole it is possible that all the soil and water flush out through the holes but what rocks do is hold soil and water in some amount inside the pot to provide water and nutrients to succulents.

And the reason we need a potting mix is to give nutrients and required water to our plant. You can use ready-made soil for succulents or you can make your own potting mix at home. If you want to learn how to make your own potting mix click here.

Procedure to re-pot succulents.

Step 1

Take a pot and start filling it with bigger rocks first. Cover the drainage hole with bigger rocks so that water can find its way down slowly. Then throw in some smaller rocks inside the pots around and above the bigger one’s.

Step 2

Now that you have all the rocks at the bottom of our pots it’s time to add some soil (potting mix). Fill the soil properly inside the pot till it is fully loaded. Now take your garden gloves (if you want too).

Step 3

It’s time to take your succulent out of your old pot. While taking out the plant be careful that you don’t damage their roots. Once the succulent is out of the pot start taking off soil attached to the roots be careful you should not damage the roots.

Step 4

Now that succulent is out of the old pot its time to re-pot the succulent in the new pot. Plant the succulent inside the new pot and add some soil on the surface of pot so that the roots go inside the pot. You can add rocks on the surface also I have seen many people do that but I think that doesn’t make any difference.

Step 5

Clean all the surfaces and the pot. It’s time to water the succulent as we have re-potted the succulent the soil and plant need some water. Remember do not overwater the succulents otherwise they will start dying.


This is the step by step procedure on how to re-pot your succulents at home. Always remember to take care of these beautiful plants do not overwater them as they are desert plants they do great with less water.

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