5 Reasons For Droopy Hens and Chicks Plant

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droopy Hen and chick plant

Many people ask me about droopy Hens and chick leaves. Although Hens and chicks are super easy to grow and care for, they might get droopy. Let’s quickly get to know: Why are my Hens and chick droopy? 

Hens and chicks get droopy when they are underwatered. Underwatering makes the soil super dry, and it lacks moisture which is required for the roots to survive. The other reasons could be improper lighting or nutrient deficiency.

Hens and chicks are one of the most loved plants among gardeners due to their ability to reproduce by their shoots. Hens and chicks are also known as the Sempervivums

5 Reasons For Droopy Sempervivum Leaves

Droopy leaves are the sign that Hens and chicks need to be taken care of. If you are a beginner then you might face this problem. Here are the reasons for this.  

1. Improper Light

Lack of light or improper lighting conditions causes Hens and chicks to get droopy and wilted leaves. They are the hardy succulents, they do well in all the seasons. 

They need good sunlight to grow healthy and beautiful. You must keep them in bright light throughout the day to avoid drooping. 

Keep them near the windows or under the cloth shade so that they can get partial sun throughout the day. You can also give them direct sun for a few hours daily. 

As these are hardy succulents you can grow them outdoors during winters.

2. Lack of Water

As mentioned earlier underwatering is the most common reason for droopy leaves of Sempervivum. 

When the soil is completely dry, it does not has moisture to provide it to the roots. And that causes the droopy, shriveled leaves. 

To avoid this you need to water the Hens and chicks correctly. For that make sure to use the soak and dry method, water them as soon as the soil is dry. 

This is the perfect way to understand their watering needs. Another way is to water them once a week and that also works fine with succulents. 

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3. Disease 

The Hens and chicks might be diseased or have caught any fungal infection. That is why they might have droopy, wilted leaves. 

This happens when you have kept your plant in poor soil or the Sempervivum has root rot. To avoid this make sure that you apply the fungicides to the infected area. 

Apply the fungicides till the infection has completely vanished. If they have root rot, remove them from the pot and cut the black rotted roots with a clean cutting tool. Leave them for a day to heal and then repot it.

4. Lack of Nutrition

Nutrients are very essential for any plant to grow healthy. When Hens and chicks lack nutrients they start to droop and appear pale. They get nutrients from the soil and fertilizers. 

Therefore, you must keep the Sempervivums in soil that is rich in nutrients. You can make such potting soil by yourself by adding a ⅓ portion of each soil, perlite, and cocopeat. 

To give the extra dose of the nutrients, fertilize them once a month or before their growing season. This will avoid droopy leaves of the plant.

5. Dry Soil

When the soil is completely dry, it does not have any moisture in it for the roots. As succulents have the ability to store water in their leaves, it will get dry as the root will not be able to provide it. 

Thus, the leaves get droopy and wilted. To avoid this make sure to keep a certain moisture level in the soil. You can check the moisture level with the help of the moisture meter. 

With that make sure to have fast-draining soil for the plant, they do not like poor soil that stays damp. That creates a lot of problems such as rotting, overwatering, etc.  

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How to prevent droopy leaves for Hens and Chicks

To prevent droopy leaves of Sempervivum,

  • Avoid underwatering the plant. 
  • Make sure that they are getting a good amount of sunlight daily.
  • Keep them in nutrient-rich soil, check the moisture level of the soil frequently. 
  • Fertilize them once a month or before their growing season.
  • Keep them away from the bugs and make sure that they do not get fungal infections or rot.

How to care for Hens and chicks?

hens and chicks droopy

Hens and chicks are very low-maintenance plants. They do not need much care and attention. But there are a few things you should look for to grow them healthy. 

Watering Schedule

Sempervivum can go without water for days. But they do need water for their healthy growth. Therefore, make sure to have a great watering schedule for the plants. 

Use the soak and dry method for watering them. You should only water them when the soil is dry. 

This method will avoid all the watering issues. Also, this will help you understand the watering needs of the plant. While watering them do not water on the leaves of the plant. 

Give them light

Hens and chicks love the sun, they do great when exposed to direct sunlight daily for 2-3 hours. That avoids any wilting or drooping of the leaves. 

If you are growing them indoors, then keep them near the windows. This will ensure that they get light throughout the day and will also reduce the humidity of the plant.

Avoid any improper lighting conditions for the Sempervivum. They tend to get stressed when they lack light. 

Have Fast Draining soil

They do great when they are planted in fast-draining soil. Such soil flushes away all the excess water from the soil and just retains moisture for the roots. 

Fast draining soil also has all the nutrients, unlike poor soil. This soil dries way faster and is perfect for growing succulents.

Pots With Drainage holes 

With fast-draining soil, you must have pots that have drainage holes underneath. 

This type of arrangement is best suited for the Hens and chicks. It flushes away all the excess water from the plant and avoids overwatering. 

If the water settles at the bottom of the pot for a long time that causes root rot and is an invitation to fungal infections.

Fertilize Sempervivum

The last thing to take care of is the fertilization of the plant. Fertilize Hens and chicks regularly to give all the essential nutrients. Make sure to use organic fertilizers as chemical fertilizers damage plants.

By taking care of these things you will be able to grow healthy Hens and chick plants that will not have droopy leaves.   

Final Thoughts

Hens and chicks get droopy mainly due to dryness or dehydration. It is important to keep them hydrated and have the correct moisture level in the soil. They do not need much attention, it is just that take care of them frequently.

I hope you found this article helpful. Do share this information with others.

Happy Planting!!

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