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succulent fertilizer

We know that succulents are considered very low maintenance plants but they do require a little bit of care and attention. These tiny beautiful plants sometimes need extra essential nutrients that are not present in the soil. That’s when you need fertilizers for plants. Fertilizers are considered to be the food of the plants. When you give them their food then they start to bloom and grow healthy. But many people are confused about which fertilizers they should use or how often should they fertilize succulents? 

You should always fertilize your beautiful succulents once a month or once a year depending on the place you live in and the type of succulents you have in your garden. While doing this you need to take care that you don’t use a fertilizer that is too strong that can burn your plant. But if you use the right one your plant will grow very healthy and will produce beautiful color.

Why should you fertilize succulents

The reason for this is very simple, succulents need essential nutrients to grow large and beautiful that soil isn’t providing them. As a human being, we need food that is healthy, and that give a lot of nutrients to be healthy. In a similar way, these plants also need those nutrients for healthy growth. Many people think succulents don’t need to be fertilized at all but that’s not the case you should consider using fertilizers for your plants. As it will just give them added nutrients for healthy growth.

How to fertilize succulents

While fertilizing succulents always use organic fertilizer. Use the fertilizer in proper ratio or as required to the succulents. It’s better to use a dilute solution for fertilizing them as that will decrease the chances of burning the plant. 

When you are fertilizing the plants, take the diluted fertilizer with water (manure tea is what I use) in a bucket or in something which you use to water the plants. Gently pour the solution in the pot till it’s flowing out of the drainage holes at the bottom. By doing this we can make sure that roots also have got the required amount of fertilizer. So you should consider this technique of fertilization for plants, once you have fertilized them do not water the plant immediately, water them after a few days or a week. This will let the plant absorb all the needed nutrients from the fertilizer.

Fertilizing indoor succulents

indoor succulent fertilization

For a while, I was confused about fertilizing indoor succulents to fertilize them or not to do so but eventually I have found the balance for indoor succulents. When I started to fertilize them once a year they have shown good results. When you fertilize indoor succulents you need to understand that fertilizers provide nutrients to plants so that they can grow properly. So you should always fertilize succulents right before their growing season. Most of the succulents grow during the spring and fall. Then why not fertilize them in spring as it will give good and quick growth to the plant. I have found this very useful strategy for fertilizing my indoor succulents. 

Succulents grow quickly when they are fertilized and that can lead to stretching if they aren’t getting enough sunlight. So remember to give them appropriate sunlight when they are fertilized. After fertilizing succulents, try moving them in a bright shady area where they are able to get some light. You can also try to grow light for succulents when they are kept indoor. This will avoid any type of stretching in the plant. 

Manure tea or (Succulent fertilizer ratio)

manure tea fertilizer for succulents

As per my knowledge manure tea is one of the best organic fertilizers to use for succulents. As it won’t burn the plant even if you use it in a large proportion. It’s very safe to use for our plant and does not stink. By using manure tea, your plant will grow healthy and beautiful within a month. Let’s get to know how to prepare manure tea.

To prepare manure tea you will need these things

  1. Tea bag
  2. A bucket
  3. Something to cover a bucket 
  4. Water

The first thing you should take is a teabag from the package. Then place a tea bag inside the bucket at the bottom. Now fill in the water till the bucket is completely filled. Take something which can cover the bucket completely, something like a big cap. Then let the tea bag sit in the water for the next few days (minimum of 2 days). After that open up the cover and manure tea is ready for use. Now it’s time to fertilize your succulents.

How to use manure tea for succulents?

Using manure tea for succulents is very easy and handy. Fill the manure tea in a watering container, then you just have to pour it to the succulents, just like watering them it’s that simple and easy. If you are concerned about the leaves as it will burn the leaves and the plant then you don’t have to worry about it as manure tea is mild enough not to burn a plant and even if you use it in large proportion it won’t damage succulents. 

When you water them with the manure tea once every month you will definitely get good results within a month. Many times I have tried this and my succulents have grown beautiful and healthy within a month. So I find manure tea to fertilize succulents very organic and useful. The nicest thing about the use of manure tea is that it is mild and yet the best one out there in terms of the results. Also, It won’t burn our beautiful succulents at any cost.

Types of fertilizers 

Few types of succulents that you should know about are:

1. Natural fertilizer (Organic worms)

succulent fertilizer organic worms

These organic worms have tremendous nutrients that can be beneficial to your succulents. If you want to have some organic taste for fertilizing succulents then you should get some of theses worms they can be very beneficial and will give a lot of nutrients to a plant. These worms can balance the pH level of the soil and are considered very effective for the soil.

2. Grow better organic fertilizer for succulents and cactus

This is one of the effective and long-lasting fertilizers for your succulents. Once you feed a succulent grow better organic fertilizer, then it will need the next round after two months. This fertilizer will make thrive the succulents in their growing season and provides all the essential nutrients which are helpful for them to grow healthy and beautiful.

To use this fertilizer you can either mix it with the potting soil or can add it as a top dressing over the soil. Both of these methods are good to use.

3. Miracle grow Succulent plant food

This is a liquid fertilizer and this type of fertilizer can be very useful and easy for the succulents. Miracle grow succulent plant food is a great option to be considered for fertilizing the succulents as it gives a boost to the plant’s health very instantly and I have found that very useful.

Note: These are just a few of my personal recommendations for you, I am not an affiliate for any of these products. If you want to buy these then you can get it from the amazon.

Final Thoughts

These three fertilizers can be a good option but always consider manure tea first, as it is very organic and has no side effects. Succulents need these fertilizers once in a while so make sure you provide them with all of the nutrients that they need. And grow these beautiful plants and take care of them.

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Happy Planting!

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