How to plant succulents in glass containers and Jars?

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how to plant succulents in glass containers and jars

Succulents are beautiful plants that are very easy to grow. They have an elegant look and create a very authentic ambiance. We love to have them around as they look good to our naked eyes. Many people love to plant succulents in glass containers or jars but often find it difficult to do it.

The reason for this is either they don’t know the correct way to plant the succulents in glass containers or they lack the knowledge about planting the succulents and their requirements. In this article, I will walk you through the step by step process of planting the succulents in glass containers. If you are completely a beginner and have no knowledge about growing succulents then make sure to read this How To Grow Succulents From Seeds?

Now let’s get to know the process of planting succulents in a glass container.

Basic Needs for Growing Succulent  

Before going further it is very important to know a few basic requirements of a succulent plant while planting.

  1. Succulents do not need much water as they have the tendency to retain water in their leaves. It is important to understand that they are desert plants they do not like much water.
  2. Succulents need good quality and well-drained soil for growing healthy.
  3. A good amount of sunlight is also one of the basic requirements for any living being on this planet.
  4. A pot with a drainage hole so that water won’t sit at the bottom of the pot.
  5. And last but very essential need for extra nutrients that are good fertilizers.

These are the most basic needs of a succulent that helps them grow healthy and beautiful. Now that you know these needs let’s plant succulents in glass containers. 

A Quick Action Table:

Step 1Take off the succulent from the pot and remove excess soil around the roots.
Step 2Take the glass container and clean it and apply moss tape (if the pot has a drainage hole).
Step 3Fill the half glass container with potting soil.
Step 4Plant the succulents in the container by keeping an appropriate distance.
Step 5Add a layer of soil and top dressing to the arrangement.

Planting succulents in glass containers

Let’s grab a few things that are needed for the process. 

  1. A glass container or jar
  2. Succulents 
  3. Potting soil (good quality)
  4. Pebbles and marbles
  5. A moss tape
  6. Gloves
  7. Water spray

Get all of the above materials that we will need for the process and keep them near you that will help you work efficiently.  

Step 1: Remove the succulent from the pot

how to plant succulents in glass containers and jars

The first step is to remove the succulent from the pot (I am assuming that you already have a succulent in a pot). It is necessary to remove the plant from the pot because that will make the process very convenient (speaking from my personal experience). 

While removing the succulent from the pot make sure to take off the soil surrounded by the roots to do this very carefully. Now gently pluck the dead leaves from the succulent to avoid rotting. While doing this handle the succulent very gently and carefully.

Step 2: Wipe the container and cover its hole

Now take a glass container and wipe it off with a cloth. Now if you have a glass container that has a drainage hole at the bottom then make sure to apply moss tape to avoid soil from falling down and will help water to flow. That will avoid rot at the bottom of the plant.

And if you have a glass container that has no drainage hole then you can skip this step you can directly jump on the third step.

Step 3: Fill the potting soil in the container

how to plant succulents in glass containers and jars

In this step, we have to fill the potting soil in a glass container (do not fill the potting soil completely just fill half of the jar). Here you have two options for filling the glass container with soil. The first one for a container with a drainage hole and the second option for a glass container that does not have any drainage hole.

For containers with a drainage hole, you can use any potting soil. But it is always recommended to good quality potting soil helps succulents to thrive in this type of arrangement. 

Now for the containers that do not have drainage holes, it is essential to use good quality potting soil to help them thrive in glass containers. You can also use homemade potting soil for this purpose. The other option for this is to add a few pebbles or marbles at the bottom of the glass container and then add the potting soil over it. 

By adding marbles or pebbles stones at the bottom will help water to rush down from the soil to the rocks. That will prevent root rot and will help succulents to thrive in glass containers. 

Step 4: Plant the succulent in a glass container

how to plant succulents in glass containers and jars

Now that you have filled potting soil in a glass container it’s time to plant the succulent in it. If you are planning to plant multiple succulents then I suggest you plant them by keeping an appropriate distance between the plants. The reason for giving them space is that the roots won’t touch the next succulent and eventually will grow healthy. 

While planting multiple succulents you can create a very unique arrangement of your choice but remember do not fill the container with excess succulents. You can get creative with it by placing them at the corner, center, etc. And for planting a single succulent just place the plant at the center to have good symmetry.

Step 5: Add top dressing to it

This is the final step now that you have arranged the succulents it’s time to add some soil (If needed) and top dressing to the plant. 

In this step what you have to do is make sure the roots of the plant are well buried under the soil. To assure this add a layer of potting soil and make sure that the roots are well covered with soil. Remember to do this very gently. While doing this keep the leaves of the succulents well above the soil so that they will not touch the soil and will avoid rotting the succulents.

Now it’s time to add top dressing to the arrangement. Add a few marbles or pebbles or colorful rocks of different sizes. Make a layer of the rocks surrounded by the planted succulents. Keep a bit of breathing space for the plant while adding the top dressing. This is done purely for decorative purposes and to give the arrangement a very unique and elegant look. 



How to care for succulents in glass containers and jars?

how to care for succulents in glass containers

Succulents do need much care and attention but it is very important to give them a bit of love and care from time to time to help them grow healthy and beautiful. When they are planted in glass containers it is important to take care of them in a certain way to ensure that they will thrive. Here are a few things you should do to take care of succulents when planted in such an arrangement.

1. Give them water when needed

Succulents need very less water to survive but sometimes people make the mistake of watering the succulents too often and eventually the plant dies off from overwatering. Therefore water the succulents when they need it or water once a week will be more than sufficient for most succulents.

2. Give them enough sun

When succulents are planted in this kind of arrangement it is very important to give them a good amount of sunlight. As mentioned earlier sunlight is a very essential ingredient for any living being’s growth. 

Therefore make sure to keep the containers where the plant will get a good amount of sunlight. It is always preferred to give them indirect sun. 

3. Fertilize them frequently

It is always good to fertilize succulents once a month. As they need extra nutrients to grow healthy and beautiful. Soil is not capable of providing all the essential nutrients for plant growth. Therefore it is always good to pour some extra care in the form of fertilizers.

4. Do not overcrowd succulents in a glass container

When succulents are planted in glass containers make sure not to overcrowd the arrangement. As it will reduce the breathing place between the roots and will eventually make the plant suffer. Therefore to grow succulents healthy in a glass container it is preferred not to overcrowd the arrangement.

5. Give the plants Air they need

Succulents need air to breathe as every living being on the planet does. When planted in glass containers make sure to keep them in an area where there is good and fresh airflow. That will avoid plants from getting damp and will help them thrive. Also, fresh air avoids the rotting of the plants and helps them grow beautifully.  

Should You Plant succulents in Glass Containers? 

Well, this is an individual choice but if you ask me the answer would be “definitely yes”.  From my personal experience, there is no harm unless you miss on two important things to care for. One a proper watering schedule and the second to have well-draining soil.

If you are able to give these both things to the plant then you are good to go. Another reason to plant succulents in a glass container is that they look very attractive and beautiful in it. It is so pleasing to the eyes and plants have a unique ability to make us feel good just by looking at them. 

When you plant succulents in glass containers they can be a great addition to your workplace and also you can easily carry them with you if you are a kind of a person who feels positive when you are around succulents. You can buy all the required materials from Amazon or Etsy

Final Thoughts

Finally, when you plan to plant succulents inside a glass container or jar it is always preferred to do it by taking proper care. Consider all the above steps while planting the succulents. This kind of arrangement gives a very aesthetic look and is very popular among succulent growers.

Succulents are very beautiful plants and look more beautiful when planted in such an arrangement. Consider taking care of them frequently and give them the attention they need. So that the plants will eventually grow healthy and beautiful. 

I hope you got the knowledge to plant the succulents in glass containers. If you have any queries make sure to leave a comment below. I will definitely get back to you as soon as possible. 

Happy Planting!!

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