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How To Grow Succulent Seeds | Ultimate Guide

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Beautiful succulents

Many people have a hobby to grow succulent seeds in their garden as succulents are very beautiful plants and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. But many of us don’t know the exact procedure to grow succulent seeds into a beautiful succulent plant. In this article, I will walk you through the process of growing the succulents then taking care of it and germination time of the plant, and so on. So let’s get started.

Here are a few basic steps for growing succulent seeds

  1. Get good quality succulent seeds
  2. Get a planting pot or tray for it.
  3. Prepare a potting mix.
  4.  Plant the seeds.
  5. Cover the pot with plastic.
  6. Place them in direct sunlight.
  7.  Water them regularly.
  8. It takes some time to germinate them.
  9. Within a few months, you will grow the beautiful succulent plant.

Before jumping into the steps in detail let’s get to know few types of succulents.

Types of succulents

  • Flaming Katy
  • Aloe Vera
  • Burros Tail
  •  Euphorbia Milii
  • Kalanchoe Tomentosa
  • Roseum
  • Snake plant
  • Pincushion Cactus

These are the few types of succulents. Now let’s discuss each of the above steps in detail and learn how to grow succulent from the seeds.

Tips for growing Succulent seeds

Tips for growing succulent seeds

1. Selection of good quality succulent seeds

It’s the most important and basic step for growing any plant. Seeds are the base of any plant to ensure you grow beautiful succulent it is important to buy the original seeds from a trusted store or site. Just to let you know succulent seeds are very tiny and small it’s very hard to predict their quality.

Don’t let anyone fool you while buying them it’s quite unfortunate that there some people who sell anything under the name of it so take care and get them from your trusted source. There are many trusted sellers on Amazon and Etsy they offer quite good quality seeds.

2. Get a planting pot or a tray ready

To plant the seeds you will need a pot that has several drainage holes at the bottom. Pot or a tray should also have a good capacity to hold the soil. It is very important to have proper drainage as the seeds can even drown. It depends on an individual’s choice to plant them in a pot or in-tray.

3. Potting Mix For Succulent seeds

Potting Mix For Succulent Seeds

There are many places in the world where it’s quite difficult to get succulent soil or potting mix. If you belong to one of these regions, don’t worry I have a great solution for you guys. You can prepare perfect succulent soil at home. Here’s how you can do it.

How to prepare succulent soil at home?

How To Prepare Succulent Soil At Home

To prepare this potting mix you will need these four things

a. River sand

Sand should be river sand not the beach sand because beach sand contains lots of salt, it is saline and it’s not good for our succulent. The reason we are adding sand because it allows good drainage and are also able to give some structure to our potting mix.

b. Old Compost

For succulent soil, you do not need fresh compost because they require only a limited amount of nutrients. It should be well decomposed. The amount of compost we are going to add is equal to the sand so that they are in equal proportion.

Now we have sand and compost in 1:1 ratio. The third thing we are going to add to this mix is perlite.

c. Perlite

The amount of perlite is going to be half of what we have used for sand and compost. Perlite is in white color is something you must have observed in a lot of these expensive coating mixes that you get online. It is nothing it is basically a residue that comes along with volcanic eruption its very similar in composition with glass. The reason we are going to add perlite is that it has a unique ability to absorb water but not have very high density. It also holds water.

Now the last thing we are going to add to this mix is cocopeat.

d. Cocopeat

It is essentially a dried coconut fiber. We will add water in it and it will double up in its size in some time. Cocopeat can also be in the same amount as the perlite in the potting mix. We don’t need a lot of cocopeat the only thing is that most of the things we had in this potting mix are not going to retain water for a very long time. We want cocopeat just because the potting mix doesn’t get dried up very quickly.

Alright here we have all the basic things we need for our potting mix. The proportion of all the things should be

Sand and Old compost = 1 : 1 (equal amount)

Perlite and Cocopeat = 0.5 : 0.5 ( as compared to sand)

Now mix them in a tray and here it is our very own potting mix that we have created from scratch.

4. Plant the succulent seeds.

Succulent seeds are very tiny and small so before planting them just make sure you are in a safe surrounding. By safe surrounding I mean to say is that there shouldn’t be  any wind because they can be blown away in wind.

Now as we have already prepared our own potting mix it’s time to pour potting mix in a planting pot or tray as per your choice and add some water to it. Once you have poured potting mix take a succulent seeds.

Now take a tooth pick and wet it then with the help of tooth pick start planting the seeds in our potting mix. Remember pick the seeds with tooth pick and just touch the top of the sand enough to get the seed to fall off. Gently tap the pot to have seeds fall into place.

5. Cover the pot

As we have now planted succulent seeds it’s very important to cover the pot with a plastic wrap. The reason we are doing this is because succulents are desert plants they have tendency to grow in a humid climate. To have humidity it’s important to cover the pot and create that environment.

6. Place them in direct sunlight.

Succulents in sunlight

When you cover the pot with plastic place them in a sunny environment where there is direct source of sunlight. By direct sunlight we literally mean this because succulents need humidity to grow. If you don’t have sunny environment you can place them under the lamp this will give them some humidity. Once you notice the sprouts you can remove the plastic cover.

6. Water them regularly

It’s important to know that these are desert plants they do great with less water. Most of the people make mistake of watering them a lot. You should know that it’s okay if you don’t water them for some time they won’t die. They can survive without water for weeks but I suggest you to water them once a week.

7. Germination Time

When growing succulents from seeds we need to understand that it takes some time to germinate we need to be somewhat patient while growing them. It can take from one month to year for germination of succulents. It’s important that we take care of them in this time span to have a beautiful plant.

Now that we have learnt to grow the succulents from seeds, it’s very important to take care of them regularly.

How to take care of succulents

How To Take Care Of Succulents

As we have discussed earlier that succulents are desert plants they need humidity and those climatic conditions to grow. Here are a few tips to take care of your beautiful succulents.

Place them in a sunny spot.

Try to keep your succulents in a place where they get at least of four hours of sunlight. If you are keeping them indoors you can shift them near a window do not keep them on a south facing window because then you might kill them by burning it. If you happen to be staying in a place where you do not get sun for major part of the year then you can invest in growing light.

Do not over water succulents.

Overwatering is the number one reason for killing the succulents. They do like water but they do not require a lot of it you can water them once a week. Also, remember not to spray water over succulents it invites fungus on the leaf. Water it thoroughly until you find the water coming out from the base of the pot.

Choose well draining soil.

Soil should be such that water is drained out immediately. The roots of succulents do like water but they don’t like it to be growing in soil that retains water for a very long time. Avoid using clay-based soil.

Good drainage pot.

Succulent gives us freedom of using any kind of pot. Many of the people complain that their plant is dying because their leaves are wilting. If you see the top leave is wilting or dried out then only you can say there is something wrong with the plant it can be because of over watering.

If you get a bug problem in your plant in that case you can use 10 ml of lemon oil with 1 liter of water and spray it over the leaves.

These are the few tips for taking care of your succulents. You can also get a succulent starter kit from any online platform like Amazon.

Benefits of having a succulent plant!

Benefits Of Having A Succulent Plant!

Having succulents as a hobby is great but there are also various benefits for having a succulent plant in your house. By choosing low maintenance plants such as succulents anyone can bring the green inside and learn all the health benefits it offers. Here are a few benefits.

  • Purifies the air

Adding a succulent inside your house helps to keep fresh air and removes toxins from the environment. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen for us to breathe.

  • They increase our productivity.

Whether it’s the color and texture that calms the mind or the reminder of nature that makes us feel relaxed. Indoor plants are known to improve our mood and concentration. Having succulents in your home will also make your day productive, peaceful and rewarding.

  • They have healing power.

These are great plants to have around for calmness, relaxation and intensive healing issues. Some varieties, like Agave and aloe vera, also contains healing properties long used for remedying and aliments.

  • They can live anywhere

Succulents are your best bet for adding a bit of greenery and visual interest to your space. With their low-maintenance personality and shallow root system, these beauties are perfect plants to use while creating a unique garden.

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