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aerial roots on succulents

One day I was checking up on my beautiful succulents and I found something unusual growing from the stem of my succulent. I was confused about what these hairy things are and why they are growing from the stem of my beautiful plant. It took me a while to get to know that these are called aerial roots or air roots. Let’s get to know everything about these roots.

What are aerial roots?

These are the types of roots that usually grow from the stem or the leaves of the plants. Aerial roots are also called air roots and these are special types of the root called adventitious roots. When soft and thin hair-like stuff starts to grow from the stem or the leaves they are air roots and they are usually in pinkish color and eventually when they mature that turn white in color. 

When the pinkish or white-colored stuff starts growing from the leaves or stems these are adventitious roots and can be easily identified. If you give them enough time a month or so they will shrivel up. 

  • These air roots provide nutrients to plants from the surrounding moisture.
  • They also provide structure to the plants when planted in soil. 
  • Aerial roots can also be propagated in some situations.

What’s the use of Aerial roots

Aerial roots have several uses for a succulent. Few of the uses of these air roots are which useful for plant are:

1. They can absorb the nutrients

You might be wondering how these aerial roots can absorb nutrients? Well, they can absorb it from the air. But the plants do not require the nutrients which are present in the air. In some cases, they absorb the nutrients from the water droplets. This is done when the water is evaporating. 

2. They absorb water from the air 

Aerial roots can absorb water from the air and this process takes place in a humid climate. When plants are planted in humid conditions they tend to absorb the water from the air with the help of aerial roots. That is one of the reasons why aerial roots grow from the stem.

3. They give support to the plant

Sometimes due to lack of light succulents tend to stretch and lean towards the light. While they are leaning it might get a bit uncomfortable for the plant to hold their own structure. They need structural support for their growth so they start to produce these air roots. Succulent tend to provide anchor points with the help of these aerial roots when a stem is reaching at the bottom in search of light.

Why do succulents grow aerial roots?

If your succulent is growing air roots that doesn’t mean it’s dying, they are just fine. This is just an indication that it needs some care.

The reason why air roots grow on a plant is either they are thirsty or they are in a humid climate. When succulents lack water they absorb the water from environmental air. So in search of it, they will grow these air roots.

Air roots don’t bother the succulents much but if you want to prevent them then you should do some corrections in their growing techniques. The first thing you should do is to water succulents frequently enough that they won’t be thirsty but while doing this also take care of not overwatering these drought plants. 

And the second thing you should be doing is to have good soil or soil with large particles. By taking care of these two things you can prevent the air roots from growing on the stem.

What to do with aerial roots on succulents?

Many people don’t know what they should do with these aerial roots, if your plant ends up growing them then it’s ok to leave them on the stem. These air roots will eventually either get shriveled or will get hardened and will look like a small branch. And I think that is fine to leave them alone. 

As these roots don’t cause any problems to the plant but they are the indication that your plant needs some care. While having aerial roots on plants doesn’t mean that they are dying it’s just that your plant is growing fine but by taking some care it will grow very healthy and beautiful. 

Which succulents grow aerial roots

This is an interesting question to ask can all succulents grow these aerial roots? Well, the answer is no, not all the succulents will grow these roots. Succulents that have a stem usually grow the air roots such as Sedums. But you won’t see these roots on Aloe plants.

But in general, these roots can be seen on the succulents which tend to grow faster and do not have any specific growing seasons. When the succulent has fast growth then usually they tend to stretch due to lack of sunlight. To prevent this make sure you give them enough sun and water.

Can you plant aerial roots

This depends on the type and category of plants. There are few succulents that can be propagated through the runners. These types of succulents will leave their descendants through the stem which can be chopped off for propagation. 

Hen and chicks are a type of plant that produces shoots that can be replanted for propagation. Once they produce these shoots they will eventually die by leaving their legacy.

Taking care of succulents from growing Aerial roots

When you are growing succulents then it’s important to take care of these beautiful tiny plants. And sometimes if we take a time off from taking care of them then they give an indication that they need your attention. One of these indications they give us is these aerial roots. When you see these roots on your plants then do these things:

1. Take a look at your watering schedule

The reason your plant is growing these roots is that they are thirsty. They need to be watered thoroughly and one of the best methods I find to water is the soak and dry method. Water the plants when the soil is completely dried out. I found this method is quite effective. Another method you can use is to water them once a week. While doing this make sure you don’t overwater the succulents.

2. Give them enough sunlight

When succulents lack sunlight they tend to stretch out in search of light. They are drought plants and they love the sun. When they don’t get enough sunlight they might stretch and grow these air roots.

These are the basic things to look after to avoid the growth of these roots. If you do these and still your succulents end up growing these roots then it might be just a sign that a plant is doing great and it’s just their natural process. Eventually, these air roots will get shriveled or will turn into a small branch.

Final words!

These roots are not a problem for your plants you just need to give a bit extra attention if you find these on your succulents. 

Succulents are beautiful plants to grow and they are very low maintenance plants. They just ask for a little bit of care and attention to growing healthy. 

I hope you found what you were looking for if you have anything to share make sure to leave a comment. 

Happy planting!

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