how to keep succulents alive in winter

How to keep succulents alive in winter | [indoor] Best 4 ways

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How To Keep Succulents Alive In Winter

Most of the people live in very cold places and they often struggle to keep succulents alive during winter. We gather all of our succulents indoor during winter so that succulents can survive but many times they still start to die. The main reason this happens is that we don’t take care of our beautiful succulents. In this article, I’ll walk you through on how to keep your succulents alive indoor in winter.

Top 4 ways to keep your succulent alive in winter

To do this you need to take care and follow a few things regularly during winters. There are main four things that you should do while taking care of your succulents.

1. Pest control

So hopefully as winter arrives you would have prepared everything for succulents by spraying them with insecticides, soap, or rubbing 70 percent alcohol and bringing all the succulents indoors. That does not mean that you should stop looking for pests on your plants especially mealybugs keep checking leaves always.

My recommendation is to check the leaves once in every week for mealybugs on your succulent. In winter succulent attracts a lot of mealybugs so you should always keep an eye on plant leaves and keep spraying or rubbing plants with alcohol to control all those pests.

2. Lighting to keep succulents alive in winter

How To Keep Succulents Alive In Winter

When you have huge collection of succulents like many people have you need some type of light system indoors so that they get some humidity as well as light as during winters it’s tough to get direct sunlight as you might know succulents love light and if they don’t get it properly then they might start to die also.

So it is recommended to have some lighting system during winter, there are many types of lights especially made for succulents you can check them on amazon.

If you have very small collection of succulents indoor then it’s not necessary to have a proper light system for your plant. You can place your succulent under the LED lights or whatever type of light you have indoor.

For smaller collection you can use variety of lights like colorful lights that works best with smaller collection.

3. Watering

Our succulent plants love watered during the spring, summertime, and when it’s super hot climate because of the dry heat that helps evaporate the water really quickly. So in winter, it’s really harder for the water to drain and this is the last thing you want that your plant is sitting inside damp water because of it the roots will rot and destroy the plant.

So for watering the succulent in winter, it’s best to recommended water succulent at least once or twice a month. But a golden rule to remember here is to check the leaves and soil of succulent if it’s dry then you should water. They do great with less water so do not overwater your plant in any season.

4. Air flow

Airflow is extremely important for all of our plants, not only succulents as you know plants do breathe air, and when you have a huge collection you need something to refresh the air.

When you go to a nursery or farm you see them having lots and lots of fans everywhere so that air can circulate all around and make a way for new and fresh air for our succulents to breathe. If your plants do not get good airflow and they constantly keep on breathing the same old air then you might be suffocating your plant and in such condition, your plant won’t survive a lot in this case it’s a succulent. They need good airflow especially when they are indoor. So always remember to give your plants good airflow.

Can succulents stay outside in winter?

How To Keep Succulents Alive In Winter
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Often people ask this question can succulents stay alive outside in winter, to survive succulents in winter it usually depends on which part of the globe you live in. But there are few succulents which can survive in all the seasons it may be too cold or too hot however not all succulents can survive in any climate. Well, to find out your plant can survive in winter you need to know in which growing zone you live.

Growing zone just indicates the lowest average growing temperature for your area. It will give you an idea to determine what type of succulents will grow in that area. For plants which are in or above zone 6 are needed to bring indoors.

How to care for succulents in winter?

How To care for Succulents In Winter

Caring for succulents in winter is no different than caring for succulents in any other season. But as they are desert plants you need to take a few extra precautions for winters.

1. Take them indoors

As soon as the winter arrives the first thing to do is to get the succulents inside (depending upon your zone). Once you have taken them indoor it’s time to start caring for your plant.

2. Place them in proper light

The first thing you would do id to place them in place where succulent can get light. If you struggle with sunlight in winters then try the lighting systems as I have mentioned earlier you can buy lights for your plant from amazon. This light system is for those you have huge collection but if you don’t have huge collection then place them under your LED lights. By doing this it will enhance their growth properly.

3. Don’t water too much

Succulents go weeks without water and especially during winter they can survive without water but if you still have an urge to water them you can do it once a month. This will help them to survive winter if you overwater succulents in winter that will destroy them by rotting their leaves.

4. say no to bugs

During winters you consistently have to check up on your plants as it attracts bugs. Keep looking upon their leaves every week and if you find bugs on the leaves then rub the isopropyl alcohol or spray the pest on succulents so that bugs won’t eat up the plant.

5. Don’t feed them

Winter is not a good time for the succulents to feed fertilizers. It is often found that giving them nitrogen in winter will end up rotting them it’s because their growth is slowed down during winters. So it’s not recommended to feed them during the winter.

Final words!

Succulents are beautiful tiny plants they are the type of plants that require least of your attention and care to grow so don’t think much just start growing these beauties. If you want to grow succulents from seed visit here.

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