How Long Can Succulents Go Without Water

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How Long Can Succulents Go Without Water

Succulents are very beautiful tiny plants they are considered as one of the low maintenance plants. And that is true these tiny plants have the ability to survive even without water for days. Basically they are called the camels of the plant world. They have the ability to store water in their leaves and is one of the reasons why they survive in drought areas. So here’s the main question, how long can succulents go without water? 

Usually, succulents can survive without water between 2 to 4 weeks. They can survive for 2 weeks without water, showing no signs of stress in the plant. But eventually, it all boils down to the approximations because every succulent has different behavior towards the environment they are planted. 

It also depends if they are indoor or outdoor, also in which season they are growing and in which part of the world they are, as many places in the world have a cold climate, in that case, watering time span can be affected. So, in general, we can say they can go without water for two weeks ( being on the safer side).

Let’s get to know everything about watering the succulents for growing them healthy and beautiful.

How to water succulents?

how to water succulents

Watering succulents do not require any special skills, it’s just that you need to water them appropriately so that the water won’t sit on the leaves for too long. If water sits on the leaves for a long time then that can lead to the formation of the powdery mildews due to humidity. So watering succulent appropriately is very essential.

To water succulents, you need to take care of a few of the things. Firstly not to overwater or underwater the plant. Secondly, take care that water won’t sit on the leaves of succulent.

Another method of watering succulents is the soak and dry method. This is also one of the most effective methods and has shown some effective results. This is a very simple method, just water the soil around the plant thoroughly and let it dry. Do not water again until the soil is completely dried. You can check with your fingers if the soil is dry. This is a very simple method.

When watering succulents do not use water spray as the water will sit on the leaves. Just pour the water into the soil around the succulent and then check if the soil is completely wet. When you follow this process it will give enough water for the roots to absorb. I find this method to be one of the best for watering succulents.

Watering schedule for succulents

Watering is the most important aspect of growing succulents healthy and beautiful. When you water the plants in a poor way can end up damaging and leading to rot and eventually killing the beautiful succulents. So it’s very important to have a proper watering schedule to maintain the balance between the underwatering and overwatering the plants, as both can damage the plant.

Succulents are drought plants and they will do great with less water. So watering the succulents once a week is sufficient and that will give enough time to dry the soil. If the soil is damp then that will end up damaging the roots of the plants. It is also essential to have well-drained soil for succulents as it will not hold the water. 

Consider watering and checking up on the succulents once a week, while doing this also look for mealybugs, yellow leaves and if you want to know how to get rid of mealybugs go check it out here. 

Watering indoor succulents

When you water indoor succulents it is important that you don’t just water the plant you also need to give them enough sunlight to grow healthy. If they are kept indoors throughout the year then you can water indoor succulents once a week and that would be sufficient. 

But if they are brought indoors just because of the winter or rainy climate then water the plant once in three weeks that will be sufficient. Succulents usually store water in their leaves and excess water can kill the plants. Make sure to give them enough sunlight when kept indoor. 

Also if you are growing succulent indoors during winters then visit keeping succulents alive in winters. 

Watering outdoor succulents

While watering outdoor succulents just pour the water around the soil of the plant so that roots can get enough water. Watering outdoor succulents once a week is enough. As they are planted outdoors they get enough sunlight. Sometimes we make a mistake that these drought plants need less water and that can end up in underwatering the plants. 

As they are planted outdoors so they will be getting enough sunlight and that can lead to frequent water loss in plants. So it is important to have a balanced watering schedule of the plants. So watering the plants once a week can be a good way to keep the outdoor succulents healthy and beautiful.

How to avoid overwatering ?

Overwatering is the worst thing that can happen to healthy succulents. This will not only damage the roots also will end up killing the plants. Sometimes overwatering can happen due to pot or due to not having good soil.

If you have planted the succulents in a pot that doesn’t have proper drainage then the water will sit at the bottom of the pot and that will rot the roots. Always plant the succulents in a pot that has drainage holes at the bottom so that the excess water will flush away through that hole. 

And the other reason to avoid overwatering is to plant the succulents in well-drained soil. Often when you buy succulents from the local stores it comes with poor quality of soil and that can damage succulents. Always consider replanting the succulents in a well-drained soil that has organic and inorganic materials mixed. By doing this roots will get a good amount of water and the excess water will flush away through the drainage hole. 

How to take care of succulents?

Taking care of succulents is one of the most important factors for growing them healthy. When caring for succulents you just need to look out for a few of the basic things. As they are low maintenance plants they will not need much of your attention and care while growing. 

Just take note of a few things like keeping them in direct sunlight at least for 2 hours every day. And watering them once a week also checking up on their leaves and removing dead leaves from the plant. And look for the mealybugs and consider fertilizing them once a month. By doing these things your succulent will grow just fine and healthy. 

Final thoughts on how long succulents can go without water

Succulents are desert plants and they do great with less water. These tiny plants don’t need much of your attention. So while growing them just look for these basic things like having a perfect potting mix, a pot with good drainage, and taking care of it. Then you will grow very beautiful succulents. 

Succulents also love the sun so always make sure that you keep them in a place where they get good amount of light and if you live in a place where it’s hard to get sunlight then place them under the room lights or you can buy grow lights for succulents. These grow lights can be useful if you have a huge collection of succulents otherwise a normal LED light can also do a great job.

I hope you found all the answers you were looking for if you have any doubts or suggestions make sure to leave a comment. 

Happy Planting!

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