What Are Korean Succulents? | Where to Buy Them?

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what are korean succulents

When I was a beginner I came across the term Korean succulents I had no idea about it. People are fascinated by the idea of having these Korean succulents. These succulents are very vibrant and look very attractive and that makes them unique. I did some research and spoke to a few expert gardeners about it. Let’s answer it quickly: What are Korean succulents?

Korean succulents are the crossbred succulents from Korea. They are very vibrant and have a very appealing appearance. These are very similar to the other succulent hybrid; it’s just that they are very colorful and beautiful. 

These succulents are usually very popular among the people as they come from Korea. There is a very high demand for this kind of succulents and has a very low supply. That is another reason that creates a unique attraction to these beautiful succulents.

Although Korean succulents are nothing different from the other succulents. If you are one of those who love this type of vibrant succulents then you can have them by crossbreeding. If you want to know in-depth about the process of crossbreed make sure to visit:

How to crossbreed the succulents?

How do Korean succulents grow?

As I have mentioned earlier in this article that these succulents are nothing but hybrid succulents. It is done mainly for producing the most attractive version of the succulents. When you crossbreed the succulents it provides a lot of various varieties and beautiful colors. Korean succulents are mainly the hybrid of echeveria although there may be a lot of other hybrids too. 

These succulents are in high demand due to their vibrant colors. The Korean succulent manufacturers are producing more and more of these beautiful Korean succulents and are exporting to match the high demand outside the country. There is a huge demand for these succulents mainly in U.S and Canada.

Caring for Korean Succulents

These succulents are similar to the rest of the succulent types. As I have mentioned earlier they are hybrids that are imported from Korea that’s what makes them special. So taking care of them is similar to the other succulents. 

1. Watering Schedule

Like every other succulent, these Korean succulents also need water to thrive. Although you should not overwater or underwater the succulents. They just need the perfect balance of water to grow beautiful and healthy. 

What I prefer is watering the succulents once a week that will give enough time for the soil to try dry throughout the week. Another way to water the succulents is by applying a soak and dry method. 

By soak and dry method what I mean is just place the finger in the soil and check if the soil is dry. If the soil is dry then it is the perfect time to water the succulents. When you water the plant, wait until the soil gets dried before the next watering schedule. 

2. Give them Light

Succulents love the sun as they are desert plants they are used to having direct sunlight. These Korean succulents will also need direct to partial sunlight daily. Consider keeping the succulents at a place where they are able to get good light throughout the day. 

I keep my succulents near the window where they get partial sunlight throughout the day and I keep rotating the succulents every two days. That helps the plant to get light from all sides and doing this will avoid stressing the succulents.

3. Keep them in well-draining soil

Well-draining soil is one of the most important factors for growing a healthy succulent. Succulents do not like to sit in water for too long as that harms the plants and eventually the succulents die. 

Therefore it is very important to have good quality well-draining soil. This type of soil allows the excess water to flush away and dries the soil way faster. If the soil holds water for a longer time then it increases the moisture in the soil and starts root rot. 

4. Having Pot with a drainage hole

Succulents do not like to sit in water and excess water tends to damage the succulents. Therefore it is essential to plant the succulents in the pots that have a drainage hole underneath. That will flush away all the excess water from the soil. 

As you already know that if the soil is damp that means it has moisture in it and that can cause root rot. So in order to grow healthy succulents, it is important to keep them in pots that have a drainage hole. 

5. Fertilizing the Succulents

Fertilizing the succulents is essential to give them that extra nutrients which soil cannot provide. Korean succulents are hybrid therefore they might need that extra care and nutrients.

Fertilize succulents frequently once every month. You should always consider organic fertilizers for your succulents that have no chemicals. 

Where to buy Korean Succulents?

Now the important question is where to buy these beautiful Korean succulents? Well, the answer is simple you can get various varieties of succulents including the Korean succulents on Etsy. They have a huge succulent collection and are very genuine ( I am not an affiliate to Etsy) sharing this information from my personal experience. 

Etsy has a beautiful collection of Korean succulents and there are a lot of hybrid succulents as well. If you are one of those who are in love with these hybrid succulents then Etsy can be the place for you to buy them.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Korean succulents are nothing but hybrid succulents. If you wish to have them but do not want to import or buy them. Then you can just crossbreed two succulents and have your beautiful Korean succulent.

Yes, you got that right it is as simple but the process of breeding the succulents can take a long time and you have to do it correctly. These succulents are very attractive and vibrant and can be a great addition to your interior. 

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any doubt then make sure to leave a comment I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Planting!!

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