Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying

8 Reasons Why Succulents Keep Dying

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We all at some point get this thought “Why do my succulents keep dying”? even after taking care of it. We all love our plants and we don’t want them to die.

But sometimes we find it difficult to understand the basic reasons why our plants keep dying. And we often forget to look for the most common reasons that your plant might be dying from.

Just by making a few changes, you can actually get results to save your succulents from dying, so here are the few most common reasons that your succulent encounter.

Reasons Why my succulents keep dying?

Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying

Let’s get to know a few of the most common reasons why succulents might keep dying every time. Some of the signals you wouldn’t have noticed at all. It’s time to dive in details and save our beautiful plants from dying.

1. You are overwatering succulents

Succulents are desert plants they do great with less water. They do not like to be watered too much the reason for that is they are the type of plants that usually stores a lot of water in their roots, stem, leaves due to which they do not need much water to survive basically I call them “Camel” of the plant world.

When you start watering them a lot what happens is that the excess water will make the soil damp and the roots will get affected by that and will start to rot eventually, so within few days your plant will give you signals that they need your attention and this is the most common reason that your succulent might be dying from.

2. Underwatering kills them

The next reason why your plant keeps dying is that you aren’t watering them much. While watering your succulent it is important to maintain a good balance between overwatering and underwatering.

You should always know when they need to be watered and when not and you can do that by simply checking upon their leaves or you can buy good quality of moisture meter to know the dampness of the soil.

A moisture meter will guide you in the watering process. When you underwater your plant they will show signs like dried leaves or shriveled leaves that’s when you know that you are under watering your plant.

3. Due to potting soil

Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying

A good quality potting soil will give all the essential nutrients required for your plant to grow healthy. If you are not having a good quality potting soil that is well-drained for your plant then that’s not a good sign for your succulent.

Potting soil is one of the reasons they die. Buy potting mixture that is of good quality and from the trusted source otherwise, you can make your own potting mix at home, to know how to make a good and healthy potting soil a home visit How to make the potting mix at home.

4. Lack of sunlight kills succulents

Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying

Sunlight is a good friend of your plant, they need their company to grow healthy but when they lack sunlight that’s when the plant starts to die. As these are desert plants they love the sun and warm climate.

You should place succulent near a window or near any part of your home where there is enough light from all the sides. If you notice that your plant is leaning towards the light that means it is lacking sunlight and if you miss that signal then eventually after a few days it might start to die. Notice these little details to save these beauties right away.

5. Not having perfect Pot size

Many of us are confused about the pot size for succulents and they end up picking an incorrect size for their plant. You might be thinking does this make any difference well answer is it does make difference, in the long run, to grow them healthy.

When you pick too small pot considering the size of your succulent that will compact the roots inside the pot and there won’t be enough space to grow and that will stop the growth.

And when you plant then inside the bigger pot then roots will get more than enough space to grow and the roots won’t hit the side and bottom of the pot to promote the growth of the plant this is one of the reasons for their frequent death. Learn how to choose the perfect pot size.

6. pots without Drainage holes

When you plant a succulent in a pot with no drainage holes that’s one of the reasons you’re succulent keeps dying. It is always good to have drainage that’s because when you water your plant all the excess water will get flushed away from the holes.

But if you have a pot with no drainage holes then the water will sit at the bottom of the pot and will make the soil too damp and that will make roots to rot and plant will die within few days. Having well-drained soil and a pot with drainage holes will do half of the work for the healthy growth of the plant.

7. Not re-potting succulents when needed

If you are taking care of all the above things and still you haven’t re-potted your plant when it’s grown big then all of your efforts may go in vain. You should re-pot your plants when needed and always consider checking upon their size so that you can know when is the correct time to re-pot your plant.

If large succulents are still in a too-small sized pot then you should consider re-potting them right away. They are the low maintenance plants, they don’t need a lot of our attention you just need to give them care when they need it that’s all these beautiful tiny creatures need.

8. Due Lack of Air-flow succulents keep dying

This problem occurs when you have placed your succulent indoor. Indoor succulents need fresh air to survive. When you visit big nursery there they have a big fan placed for the proper airflow otherwise plant will breathe the same old air continuously and will eventually suffocate themselves in such a climate.

This happens with indoor succulents also if you a huge collection then you should understand that they do breathe and they need fresh air to breathe. Consider proper air-flow for keeping your plant alive and healthy.

Final thoughts on why succulents keep dying

Succulents are beautiful plants, there isn’t any reason not to grow them. These are the type of plants that don’t need a lot of care. You just need to read the signals they give when they need your attention, so don’t hesitate to grow them.

If you notice all of the above-mentioned reasons and take care of it then your plant won’t keep on dying.

I hope you find this article helpful. Do share this information with others.

Happy Planting!!

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